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SAP Global Trade Services

Foreign Trade with SAP GTS: Risk, Compliance & Customs Management

The One-Stop Shop for Strategy & Process, SAP GTS and Special Expertise

Customs expertise combined with comprehensive process knowledge in foreign trade and technical know-how on the use of SAP GTS as a global foreign trade solution – the largest GTS consultancy in the German-speaking world offers you everything from a single source. Our experts cover all four GTS services:

  • When it comes to customs clearance, you benefit from extensive experience in Germany, as well as the Netherlands, Austria and the USA, among others.
  • Important/ Export – Control, i.e. personal examination, embargo, licensing and dual use
  • Preference processing
  • Intrastat

Thanks to 15+ years of project experience, we can offer more than standard understanding and implementation; other services include application management support and authorisation concepts. Renowned industrial companies trust us.

cbs GTS Range of Services

Services in detail

We guide you in the analysis of foreign trade processes and the associated system adjustments in dealing with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANA with the help of our pre-study.

Our team consists of experts of all experience levels, which fully covers the areas of foreign trade in specialist groups the process and implementation consulting. So, you will find the right answer to every question.

Your one-stop shop for all issues relating to foreign trade and cross-border trade – globally and with teams in Europe, Asia and the USA.

From tool selection to concept validation, master data maintenance, design, implementation, training, authorisation concepts, GTS application management or all-round carefree in our cbs SAP GTS Cloud: With the cbs GTS Leading Practice Library, you benefit from comprehensive experience and expertise and are equipped for the challenges of the SAP GTS standard.

Cultural and legal specifics need to be understood; not only in Golden Tax and Golden Audit, Free Trade Zone and Processing Trade and China’s Export Control Law. As an industrial client, you benefit from multilingual focus teams in Logistics & Foreign Trade and Finance & Controlling.

We provide you with a best practice development library with predefined extensions, selectable in each GTS service. From reconciliation filters to country of origin, interactive supplier declarations as well as export licences for special cases such as returns or solutions for customs declarations to overseas territories: We have a wide range of leading practices to extend SAP GTS sensibly and efficiently and to adapt it to your needs.

The most efficient and convenient way for you to conduct foreign trade is our GTS as a Service product. We offer you a central foreign trade platform with SAP GTS, managed by cbs GTS experts. This includes housing & hosting, SAP Basis support, upgrades & support services, converter monitoring and expert knowledge.

We support your running GTS applications and offer various service models tailored to your individual requirements, such as Experts on Demand, an on-site service or 24/7 Application Management Support.

Do you want to train yourself or your employees in SAP GTS? With our GTS Academy, we offer standardised courses for all four GTS services. The learning content can also be customised on request.

With the Celonis app, we can provide you with higher process transparency at management level and thus also generate queries from the GTS or for foreign trade processes. This can enable greater visibility and understanding on the operational business.
Full support for process mining by cbs; as well as technical and functional integration. Root cause analysis, tracking, benchmarking – all based on “real” data. Variants: Pre-studies, full testing and ongoing review.

Benefit from our best practice approach to archiving data in SAP GTS and thus reducing storage space.

To significantly shorten the test cycles and implementation time during a project, we offer an individual authorisation and role concept for each SAP GTS service.

The cloud-based solution for the confirmation of goods in transit: Entry Certificate Solution
Our app-based and platform-independent movement confirmation solution offers a complete, flexible solution for the entire process of intra-Community movement of goods. It is already in use with numerous customers.

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cbs GTS Academy


cbs has a unique consulting portfolio: Customs expertise combined with comprehensive process knowledge in foreign trade and technical know-how on the use of SAP GTS as a global foreign trade solution. This makes us the one-stop shop for Global Trade Services.

Thomas Marx, Consulting Director

Implementation and support functions go hand in hand with us. Thus, we offer our 40+ AMS customers scalable services for SAP GTS application management – from Experts on Demand, to coordinated SLAs, to taking over the complete application management.

Robert Wieczorek, Senior Manager GTS AMS

Our consulting services literally build bridges, taking into account the legal requirements of various countries in customs clearance and export control. Diverse teams reduce language and cultural barriers so that all stakeholders can follow the project – for example in China and the USA.

Jiaxiang Zhang, Senior Solution Consultant

Did you know that we are the largest SAP GTS team in the German-speaking world? In addition, we have expertise in related specialist areas so that we can always provide you with integrated solutions.

Tamara Kinner, Consultant GTS

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Kulzer Opts for cbs SAP GTS Cloud

Following its acquisition by Japan’s Mitsui Chemicals group, the dental technology specialist Kulzer (Hanau, Germany) enlisted the Heidelberg business consultancy cbs Corporate Business Solutions to help it migrate all of the SAP systems from the dental division of its former parent company, Heraeus.

EADS: Global Export Compliance Platform

EADS is Europe’s largest aeronautic, defense, and space company. EADS owns Airbus, the leading manufacturer of civil aircraft and military refueling and cargo aircraft, Eurocopter, the world’s largest helicopter group, and EADS Astrium, Europe’s no. 1 in the aerospace business with programs such as Ariane and Galileo.

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