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Customer Experience with SAP
CX and Salesforce

Independent Solution Provider for Digital Customer Processes

The traditional purchasing process is now a thing of the past. Today’s customers navigate freely through a variety of touchpoints, as well as marketing and sales channels.

SAP customers in the industrial sector also have to master the challenges of this change – by developing new business models and their own CRM strategies. And that entails implementing integrated customer process management.

As an independent CRM solution provider, we provide SAP customers with end-to-end advice across different tools. We design digital customer processes, from presales through to after sales. Leveraging the ideal mix of software tools, with SAP and Salesforce, we create best-practice solutions in line with our clients’ needs.

SAP CX Consulting for Long-Term Customer Relationships

In today’s highly competitive market environment, the primary goal of customer experience management is to turn satisfied customers into repeat customers, and loyal customers into staunch brand ambassadors of a brand or product. SAP CX is the fourth generation of SAP’s CRM software suite. cbs helps you select the five suite portfolios and gives you the tools you need to be able to respond quickly, connect processes, and develop customer relationships built on trust.


  • Sales Cloud: A 360° view of existing customers, helping you identify sales potential sooner.
  • Service Cloud: Innovative field service applications that help you identify service potential at the right time and enhance processes.
  • Marketing Cloud: Extensive customer segmentation. Optimization and automation of marketing campaigns.
  • Commerce Cloud: Improve sales opportunities with a web shop that is tightly integrated with your sales process.
  • Customer Data Cloud: Learn more about your visitors and build a trusting relationship with them.

cbs CX – Customer Experience with Salesforce

Our subsidiary, cbs CX, helps customers maximize on their most important touchpoints. cbs CX has a dedicated team of certified Salesforce consultants and developers who focus exclusively on the Salesforce solution portfolio, working in close cooperation with in-house SAP teams.


Rodenstock: Brilliant prospects

Rodenstock is Germany’s leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and frames. Founded in 1877 and headquartered in Munich, the company is represented by sales offices and distribution partners in more than 80 countries.

Our Customer Experience Portfolio:

The Entire CRM Spectrum

cbs has been advising its clients on the full range of CRM solutions since 2001. As a result, our consultants have extensive experience with SAP and Salesforce. We support you by designing a CRM portfolio tailored to your specific requirements.

Business and Technical Expertise

Our consultants have a firm grasp of the business side of CRM (sales, marketing, service, analytics) as well as the technical aspects (SAP CRM, SAP CX, SAP UX/SAP Fiori, Salesforce Cloud, CRM ERP Integration, CRM Custom Development).

Expertise for the Digital Future

We support you with your specific digitalization strategy. We help you implement an integrated customer journey and design your customer processes – throughout your company and globally.


For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly: