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S/4HANA System Conversion (Brownfield)


The target is clear: S/4HANA. However, the path still needs to be clarified for many. A system conversion (Brownfield) enables rapid deployment while preserving existing processes, data, and structures.

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We deliver S/4HANA on the fast lane and enable quick adoption of the latest technology to our customers. Budget-friendly and with minimal business disruption.

Holger Bock

Managing Director

New technology

The transition to S/4HANA offers a wide range of innovations. Creating real added value for yourself as quickly as possible makes sense to adopt the new technology quickly. The S/4HANA conversion offers rapid implementation and the least likely disruption to business operations.

When is system conversion the right path to S/4HANA?

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Existing data and processes are to be adopted

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The system landscape is to remain almost unchanged

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Efforts in the course of the transformation should be as low as possible

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The target picture should be reached quickly

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The business operation shall not be disturbed


Consistent with the new world

By preserving existing structures, processes, and data as much as possible, S/4HANA has a lower change management impact on the organization. Technologically, it is a big step forward, but without introducing all employees to new processes.

Time to Value

No two S/4HANA transformations are the same. It makes it particularly important for us to plan and implement the optimal path tailored to our customers’ needs. We pay particular attention to value-added processes and innovations. Combined with optimized efforts and project runtimes, we can significantly shorten the time to value.

S/4HANA System Conversion with cbs

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We offer the full range of services, from taking over the entire project (including implementation) to a guided coaching approach, all from one source.

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cbs Enterprise Transformer

With the cbs E.T. Enterprise Transformer®, the new S/4 development system can be rebuilt with selective data migration from the production system.

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Fast Processes and Implementation

Pre-configured templates (e.g. Project Planning, Cutover List)

Best practice content (Test-, Training- & Cutover approach)

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We focus on downtime reduction and minimal business disruption from the first minute.

We are using best practices, cutover management, and consideration of downtime optimization measures.

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With in-depth functional expertise in SAP S/4 and business process knowledge, we deliver robust planning and high-quality execution.


Realized SAP S/4HANA System Conversions

Your Contact

We’d be happy to assist you personally. Contact us directly:

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Manager, Sales & Marketing

Phone: +1 484 954 9847

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Phone: +1 484 954 9847

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