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Young Professional Academy


Kick-Start Your SAP Consulting Career

Do you have a passion for SAP and are interested in switching gears into consulting? Fast-track your SAP consulting career by joining our 7-week accelerated training program.

The cbs Young Professional Academy will allow you to learn directly from experienced Project Managers and SAP Consultants through hands-on, real customer case studies and recent, ground-breaking SAP projects.

Join our dynamic, fast-growing teamand be at the forefront of SAP innovation 


We are looking for individuals with 2-3 years of handson experience with SAP. This can be someone in a Business Analyst role, or more technical ABAP development skills. All you need is basic SAP knowledge, and a desire to start working in a consulting role.  

The YPA is an accelerated 7-week program geared toward individuals with a passion for SAP and a desire to help global organizations solve real world problems. Through hands-on case studies, bootcamps and recent project experiencewe’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge to start your career in SAP consulting. It is an academy, so you won’t be going at it alone. We typically target anywhere from 3 to 8 individuals to start and complete the program together in our Headquarter in DevonAt the end of the 7 weeks, you’ll earn an official SAP certificationcovered 100% by cbs. Based on your experience and background, you will have the opportunity to join one of our 3 business units (ERP, SLT, or Enterprise Integration) to kickstart your consulting career.

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Yes! SAP Consultants typically fall under two categories, Technical Consultants and Functional Consultants. If you have just two years of experience in a Business Analyst role with an understanding of business processes across different business functions, you are exactly who we are looking for. It doesn’t matter if this is accounts payable/receivable, or in supply chain and logistics.  

We are rolling out the YPA program for the third time in the US starting in August 2022. With the high involvement of our Leadership Team, Project Managers and SAP Consultants, we are offering a unique Academy experience. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, we want to encourage you to still reach out to us.   

The position requires relocation to one of our three US office locations: Devon, PA – Denver, CO – Detroit, MI. However, the YPA 7-week program will require all individuals be onsite at our US Headquarter in Devon, PA (Philadelphia). If you decide to move to our Pennsylvania location, relocation expenses will be covered up-front prior to the YPA. If you decide on one of our other office locations, we can help you find temporary housing (hotel, or similar accommodation) for the duration of the program. After the conclusion of the YPA, relocation expenses will be covered to either Denver, CO or Detroit, MI based on your choice of location.  


“I had an opportunity to join a select group of hand-picked individuals, where I’d be able to continue learning while also feeling like my contributions were much more valuable.”

Jose Luis Purata

SLT SAP Advisor
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