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Comprehensive implementation, customized transformation

Complex, unpredictable, expensive, risky, endless – transformations are not always easy. Deriving a concrete target picture is difficult. Projects fail in the small details, lack of technical feasibility and the absence of tangible business benefits. Certain types of transformations are daily business, on several levels: organization, business processes, IT systems, data.

The scenarios are diverse, ranging from mergers, carve-out, restructuring, complex migrations, or data harmonization. In the SAP environment, S/4HANA is on the horizon, on-premise or in the cloud. cbs supports customers in all these scenarios.

System-Merge:  Consolidation of SAP systems

Business transformations thrive on rapid adaptation of the process and system landscape. Large projects on a global scale require comprehensive implementation strategies. The implementation of the IT architecture requires complex overall program management. With proven solutions, cbs merges SAP applications and ERP systems flexibly & in a short time.

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Carve-Out / Carve-In

Successfully expanding and integrating the process and system landscape in line with business requirements and within the planned timeframe is a challenge for IT departments. It is important to have an experienced partner who can provide technical, functional and project management support – we offer end-to-end design expertise for processes, systems and data:

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  • With our transformation software we offer flexible & short-term answers for IT – flexible scenarios such as retroactive spin-offs are possible
  • We provide support from concept to execution: planning of the project, timing, system strategies and of course technical execution of the project
  • By ensuring continuity in processes and document chains, we keep the impact on the business department to a minimum – we provide the appropriate answers to necessary adjustments of business processes (e.g. intra- and intercompany)!

Restructuring of SAP organization and data

Many organizational changes for departments cannot be mapped smoothly in the SAP system using in-house resources. We harmonize organizational structures and data during ongoing operations with minimal business disruption. As transformation consultants with strong implementation skills, we combine technical solutions with business know-how for SAP processes and structural changes:

  • Mapping of organizational changes in SAP systems with SLO approaches and tools.
  • Optimization, harmonization and end-to-end transformation of structures, processes, data and reporting (charts of accounts, cost accounting / company codes, profit centers, material types / material groups, customer / supplier master, purchasing / sales organization, distribution channels)
  • High-quality and audit-proof conversion (compliance) through accelerated projects – saving time, effort and costs.

Industrialized data migration  from SAP and non-SAP systems

For SAP industrial customers, global rollout programs bring together locations scattered around the world to a uniform SAP standard. A critical success factor is data migration, in order to quickly and securely convert and harmonize data from a multitude of non-SAP and SAP systems into productive SAP solutions. A consistent template approach and the innovative software cbs ET Enterprise Transformer® are essential as a complete solution for such data migrations:

  • We coordinate overall programs from a migration perspective and create the necessary standards for data migration at an early stage.
  • The right migration approach increases responsiveness and flexibility to changing requirements. Uniform quality standards thus find their way into global rollout projects
  • Synergies can be realized with end-to-end templates by using the same procedures and tools – The number of parallel projects can be scaled almost at will
“The cbs ET Enterprise Transformer® is the engine for data transformation. Its enormous functional scope simplifies the lives of our customers every day.”

Benjamin Krischer

Consulting Director, cbs

Harmonization in finance and controlling

Without transformation software, harmonization of charts of accounts or controlling areas is difficult to manage. Moreover, harmonization is not just a technical mapping task. We understand transformations with a view to business processes complemented by the technical perspective and design the smooth transition to harmonized accounting and controlling processes:

  • With know-how for business and IT, we evaluate the effects of merging different controlling areas or charts of accounts (CO integration, tax determination, harmonization of features such as open item / line item management, field status groups).
  • We determine the prerequisites for transformation
  • We implement the transformation to new structures without interrupting ongoing business operations – as minimally invasive as possible
  • With the cbs ET Enterprise Transformer® we jointly determine the exact transformation scope (selected company codes, complete charts of accounts / controlling areas, etc.).
  • Achieve your goal in one step: By combining several transformations (chart of accounts, controlling area, operating concern merge or New G/L) and the possibility of additional transformations of further characteristics (terms of payment, control keys, document types, cost centers, profit centers).
  • We define the conversion date flexibly according to your requirements: During the year, in the middle of the month or at the fiscal year change.

SAP New GL Migration

The new SAP general ledger cannot be introduced on the side. There are high dependencies on processes in finance and controlling as well as on integrated modules of the SAP system. Instead of rigid migration scenarios, we offer flexible solutions for specific customer requirements and support industrial customers holistically throughout the entire project – for the transformation of historical data and go-lives during the year, we use the innovative cbs ET Enterprise Transformer software®.

Your contact

For detailed advice, we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Simply contact us directly;

Victor Puente

Manager, Sales & Marketing

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Phone: +1 484 954 9847

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