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SAP Business Intelligence


Solutions for a successful BI strategy

The world of analytics is evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Technologies, expectations, user behavior, work environments, and business models are changing in ever shorter cycles, and new predictive and machine learning algorithms are emerging. Unlocking the value in massive data volumes is key – and the options available to support this are many and varied. Unrestricted access to all kinds of data paves the way for new business models. To support their decision-making, managers increasingly need ever more sophisticated systems that leverage real-time data.

Effective analytics are essential for business success. Companies need to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Data is no longer something simply to be stored in a database and forgotten about, but an asset that can be used as a starting point for new processes.

We understand the complex business analytics world and can steer you safely through the challenges ahead. In addition to offering our technology and process expertise, we want to become your partner.

Jens Rohlf

Consulting Director

Data is an asset that can be leveraged to reveal previously hidden opportunities for improving performance, innovation, and competitiveness. We want to inspire and empower companies to unlock the value of their data and use it to achieve more. We are experts in managing the complexity of business analytics, with extensive experience of SAP BI technologies, embedded analytics, process mining, and planning. We steer you safely through the challenges ahead, not only using our technology and our many years of process knowledge, but also by becoming your partner. A partner with a firm focus on your success.

Global Reporting – Templates for Group-Wide Reporting

  • Analysis of the actual situation, recording of requirements, and derivation of the technical target architecture
  • Implementation of global solutions
  • Worldwide rollout of the new analytics platform

BI Excellence – Business and Technical Expertise

  • Visualization – SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP BusinessObjects products for real-time presentation of reports
  • Data warehousing – solutions using SAP BW, SAP HANA, or SAP Datasphere
  • Planning – using SAP Analytics Cloud, BPC (SAP Business Planning and Consolidation), or BW-IP (Integrated Planning)
  • Predictive – Development of data-based predictive models

BW Landscape Transformation – Harmonization of BW System Landscapes

  • Implementation of BW system mergers and migration support on SAP BW/4HANA
  • Methodical, tool-based approach to tracking data changes with SLT projects
[dhsv_vc_stories_slider title=”Project experience:”][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”170″ icon_title=”Global Pharmaceutical Company” title=”Global Pharmaceutical Company:”]Mapping of an integrated planning scenario (including demand planning, cost planning, P&L) using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP S/4HANA.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”170″ icon_title=”Specialist Mechanical Engineering” title=”German Specialist Mechanical Engineering Group:”]Design and implementation of a data collection and reporting platform for the group’s Finance unit. Collection of monthly reporting data using BW-integrated planning, and provision of standard reports in Excel and on the Web.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”178″ icon_title=”Medical Technology Group” title=”International Medical Technology Group:”]Standard reporting of supplier evaluation from SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management, replacing existing tools based on SAP Lumira.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_stories_slider]


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