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Change Management​

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Transformation projects entail major changes for employees. The early and active involvement of employees is a major challenge and requires a well-structured approach.

With the right strategies, change management makes it possible to optimally involve employees, increase acceptance for change processes and thus make successful implementation possible.

Opportunities through change management

Higher acceptance of
Change processes

Corporate culture

Transformation goals


Containment of risks

Our focus for holistic change management


The employees are the centre of attention.

The aim is to accompany the change process in the best possible way and to make it understandable, interesting and valuable.


Targeted change is an important part of our activities.

Continuously identify the impact of change and actively design, support and train.


The cbs Change Consultants combine SAP know-how with change management expertise.

This means that change activities are focused and tailored to SAP transformation projects.


Focused on the key results that are crucial for a successful change process in transformation projects.

Oliver Dorsner
The introduction of S/4HANA brings changes for the companies and their employees. It is important, to accompany the employees in the change on the one hand and on the other hand, to enable the employees to shape and go along with this change.

Oliver Dorsner, Consulting Director cbs

Change management as a success factor for digital transformation projects

In order to lead transformation projects to success, cbs makes the change as easy as possible. To this end, a strategy is developed at the beginning that describes why change is necessary, what the change process should look like and when the project will be successfully completed.

A high-performing project team is formed to work together, communicate the changes in an understandable language and empower employees to grow with and through the change. Feedback is continuously sought and acted upon.

The cbs approach is based on 6 central pillars:

Change Strategy

Change Strategy

Developing a common understanding of the current situation and the motivation for change.

Stakeholder & Organizational Analysis

Stakeholder & Organizational Analysis

Create understanding of the impact on the organisation, the project environment and affected stakeholders.

Change Network

Change Network

Establish a network of leaders to ensure communication & collaboration as well as exchange of know-how at all levels.

Change Impact

Change Impact

Translation of the changes into tangible topics and derivation of precisely fitting measures per target group.



Communication strategy and plan to actively involve all stakeholders and ensure a smooth flow of information.

Employee & Team Enablement

Employee & Team Enablement

Targeted team-building measures to strengthen team spirit and cooperation between all programme and project members.

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Oliver Dorsner

Oliver Dorsner

Consulting Director

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