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Enterprise & Cloud Transformation​

Our answer for a fast and secure implementation in your organisation. For the IT of the next generation.


Transformations of business processes and system landscapes fail not because of the vision, but because of the reality. The derivation of concrete goals is often difficult, projects are delayed due to functional details or lack of economic and technical feasibility and get into difficulties in the global implementation.

Our more than 400 specialised consultants have an average project experience of over 12 years. With expertise from 2,000+ projects, we offer a solution for your transformation that is unique in the market. And support you in reducing the duration, costs and risks of your transformation. Our established approach results in minimal disruption to your ongoing operations. You save time and money and achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Process consulting

We put your processes, structures, systems and data to the test for a site assessment and project planning. With tailor-made consulting, we have been accompanying major SAP customers safely and efficiently into the next generation of their business solutions at the same time since 1995.

Data transformation

With our expertise, we accompany you safely through the entire process of a holistic data transformation. With minimal disruption to your operations, we find the shortest and safest path together based on our M-cbs method. ​

cbs ET Enterprise Transformer

We support you with the help of the Enterprise Transformer, the world’s leading standard software for complex SAP data transformations. The ET significantly reduces effort, accelerates entire programmes, makes complex and selective transformation projects possible in the first place and is perfectly aligned with the M-cbs method.

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You want to consolidate your process and system landscapes and merge SAP and ERP systems in a short time. We do.

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You want to cut out parts of the company, in line with the business and on schedule.
Hand on it.

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Changes in the organisation

You want to change your organisations with continuity in ongoing operations, and with more than SAP board resources. Already done.

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You want to standardise your charts of accounts, controlling and company codes, master data and platforms. No problem.

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Data migration

You want to migrate and convert data from a variety of different systems quickly and securely. Solved.

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Migration to SAP S/4HANA

You want to switch to S/4HANA – as a migration, conversion, transformation or with Selective Data Transition. We can.

[dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider title=”Voices”][dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item background_image=”16484″ author=”Holger Scheel, Member of the Executive Board”]„Through digital innovation at high speed, we are approaching the vision of the ideal transformation – software-based for maximum added value in the shortest possible time, minimally invasive with downtime close to zero.“[/dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider]

The smart way into the new world

Whitepaper: cbs Enterprise Transformer for SAP S/4HANA

Transformations to SAP S/4HANA have long since arrived in corporate reality. The paths that existing SAP customers take to a new enterprise platform are different.

Many take the opportunity to build a completely new process and system landscape on a greenfield site. In addition, there is the desire to continue using existing best-practice processes and systems. Especially in established process and system landscapes, the coexistence of different ERP systems and releases is a challenge.

[dhsv_vc_button title=”REQUEST WHITEPAPER” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fen%2Fnext-one%2Fcbs-et%2Ffree-white-paper-cbs-enterprise-transformer-for-sap-s-4hana%2F|title:Free%20white%20paper%3A%20cbs%20Enterprise%20Transformer%20for%20SAP%20S%2F4HANA” type=”primary” alignment=”left”]
[dhsv_vc_stories_slider title=”Customer Stories”][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1348″ icon=”2010″ title=”Multi-migration at Roche Diagnostics”]As part of global efforts to harmonise processes and consolidate systems at Roche Diagnostics, the business processes of the Sales & Service Affiliates in the EMEA region are to be standardised. In the first step of the Sales Affiliate Migration (SAM), the pharmaceutical and medical technology group, with the support of the transformation consultant cbs, transferred the sales and service companies in the UK and the Netherlands to the new joint SAP system for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1288″ icon=”2013″ title=”Metsä Board streamlines and harmonises global SAP system” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Freference%2Fmetsae-board-verschlankt-und-harmonisiert-globales-sap-system%2F|title:Mehr%20erfahren||”]As part of a strategic realignment, the Finnish cardboard producer Metsä Board (headquartered in Espoo near Helsinki) has cleaned up and harmonised its business processes and data. Together with cbs, the company carried out a twelve-month cLeanERP project. The goal: ONE Landscape, a continuous, globally uniform system landscape.

[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”15379″ icon=”16562″ title=”ZF Friedrichshafen tests its own processes in S/4HANA” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Freference%2Fzf-friedrichshafen-testet-eigene-prozesse-in-s4hana%2F|title:Mehr%20erfahren”]ZF Friedrichshafen is driving the digital transformation of the Group, including all divisions and central functions, with S/4HANA as the central ERP system for the future.

[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”5037″ icon=”2053″ title=”Global data migration at Schaeffler” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Freference%2Fglobale-datenmigration-bei-schaeffler%2F|title:Mehr%20erfahren”]As part of a multi-year global SAP rollout programme, cbs is supporting the Schaeffler Group in bringing its globally distributed locations onto a uniform SAP standard.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”5043″ icon=”2040″ title=”ArcelorMittal implements merger of 5 clients in 3 SAP systems during ongoing operation”]The steel giant ArcelorMittal South Africa has achieved the largest harmonisation and consolidation in its SAP history by merging five clients in three systems into a single client. In the course of the enormous data migration, financial controlling was standardised, structures in accounting and reporting were aligned, and master data and system customising were harmonised in only 12 months.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1337″ icon=”2038″ title=”Kemira integrates AkzoNobel division into SAP world” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Freference%2Fkemira-bindet-akzonobel-sparte-in-sap-welt-ein%2F|title:Mehr%20erfahren”]The Finnish Kemira Group aims to implement strategic growth plans on a global scale in order to have a stronger presence in selected markets worldwide. For example, Kemira acquired the paper chemicals business of the Dutch company AkzoNobel and integrated it into its paper and pulp segment Kemira Oyj.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_stories_slider]

Your contact

For detailed advice, we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Simply contact us directly:

Benjamin Krischer

Consulting Director

Phone: +49 6221 3304-0

Email: kontakt@cbs-consulting.de