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Project Methodology

Our process-oriented and tailor-made project approach


The Method for the Highest Project Speed

With M-cbs, we offer a unique methodology that is tailored to the specific challenges involved in SAP-supported transformation and optimization projects of all types, sizes, and scopes. Our method is business and process-oriented, structured and coherent, out of the box and tailored to individual requirements. It incorporates the experience we’ve gained in planning and managing successful programs and projects in SAP environments around the world for over 20 years. It is an important reason why cbs projects can be implemented at such speed.

Strategy, Processes, Solution Design, Implementation

The consistency M-cbs offers is one particular advantage our clients benefit from. Using integrated techniques, we’ll guide you as you progress from defining your strategy and designing processes and solutions to implementing them throughout your company and around the world. This is how we ensure seamless integration of the critical areas involved in implementing business transformations.

The methodology combines tools from well-known methods such as SIX Sigma with traditional and agile project management methods such as PMI, PRINCE2, or SCRUM to ensure efficient support for the entire project organization.

What makes M-cbs so special?

  • Consequent business process and phase orientation
  • Individually tailored transformation approaches (Selective Data Transition)
  • Simultaneous process prototyping, creation of E-2-E template solutions in steps
  • Development of a process-oriented project and management organization
  • Use of industry, IT, and project management best practices
  • Targeted deployment of modern implementation methods
  • Business-oriented and inclusive set of tools for IT solution implementations

Why M-cbs?

  • It permits standardized and harmonized solutions worldwide
  • It offers secure control, predictability, and transparency of complex projects
  • It delivers sustainable quality, shortens project time, and optimizes costs
  • It can be flexibly integrated with our client ecosystems
  • It accelerates and facilitates the planning, management, and realization of implementation projects
  • It simplifies modifications and upgrades, including testing
  • It takes advantage of industry-specific functionality by integrating third-party solutions
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cbs Project Management Office (PMO)

cbs Project Management Office is the central hub for the project organization. All information is collected, evaluated, consolidated, prepared, and distributed from here. We will support your project managers, optimize communication, and improve efficiency. Find more details in our brochure.[/dhsv_vc_download_section]


For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

cbs America Inc.

Phone: +1 484 583 7144

Email: usa-office@cbs-stag.de