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Software-driven transformations – vision and reality

Large SAP customers are running a variety of process and system landscapes with numerous ERP systems. Transformation and innovation projects, critical for success in todays world, are focused on digitization, new business models and platforms, future IT landscape and SAP applications.

Transformations don’t normally fail due to someone’s lack of vision. The reality is that these types of transformations are complex, and can often be unpredictable, risky, and seem endless. Setting concrete goals that are achievable is indeed complicated. When projects such as this fail, it is most often due to a lack of technical feasibility, functional detail, and the overall lengthy path that’s required to achieve global implementation. From a business perspective, projects may also struggle when the effort, cost, and duration of the project seem to outweigh the overall benefits.

Transformation scenarios

Certain types of transformation are business as usual – occur in high frequency and on several levels: organizations, business processes, structures, IT systems and data. For SAP customers, S/4HANA is on the horizon, and cbs is helping them navigating through these scenarios with that in mind. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, the benefits of combining elements from the scenarios below into your S/4HANA journey are undeniable.

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Consolidating process and system landscapes, merging SAP / ERP systems, fast

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Carve-out / Split

Separating enterprise units, business-compliant and on schedule

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Reorganizing with continuity in ongoing operations, with more than SAP resources

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Unifying accounts and company codes, controlling areas, master data and platforms

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Data migration

Migrating and converting data from heterogeneous systems, rapid and secure

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Transforming to S/4HANA by migration, conversion or by ‘selective data transition’ as silver bullet

[dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider][dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item background_image=”16484″ author=”Holger Scheel, Member of the Executive Board”]„Through digital innovation at high pace, we are advancing the vision of the ideal transformation – software-driven for maximum value after shortest possible time, minimal-invasive with near-zero downtime.”[/dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider]

s.m.a.r.t. Enterprise Transformation – Digital innovation at high pace

Transformations are not just technical projects. Successful transformations close the gap between strategic goals and operational solutions for business and IT. cbs provides world-class delivery and ingenious minds with passion for customer-centric, global solutions. We are building on approved best practices from hidden champions, tailored to large enterprises.

With our innovative software, a consistent cost-benefit ratio, reliable methods and verifiable results, we turn transformations into success. The combination of software, consulting and best practice solutions converts data migrations into smart transformations at high pace. Software-driven transformation solutions are the silver bullet to digitization, with efficiency and quality.

ET Enterprise Transformer®

The transformation engine

‘Selective process and data transition’ with the innovative software cbs ET Enterprise Transformer® has no technical limits. Heterogeneous source systems, historical data and SAP processes / applications can be consolidated, converted and migrated in a routine and flexible manner.

The innovative software is essential for cbs transformation-as-a-service and digital migration factory. Minimal-invasive interventions keep the business untainted, relieve the corporate functions and avoid revenue losses. ET can be implemented as a service, as a license or within a partnering model.

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End-to-end business solutions – value add in transformation projects

We analyze processes, structures, systems, data and technologies for a 360° target picture and an individual roadmap. We guide large SAP customers through the complete transformation lifecycle. Industrialized project execution accelerates digitization in large corporations. We support during all project and operational phases and are familiar with all system and process landscapes – be it on premise or in the cloud.

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Consulting Services


Process-oriented and data-driven,
selective S/4HANA transition

Test and simulation, implementation
and continuous improvement

Business Application Management

Project methodology M-cbs

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Best Practices


ONE Finance / New GL

Data Lifecycle Solutions

M&A / Carve-out

Business Partner Transformation

Digital Migration Factory

[dhsv_vc_stories_slider title=”Customer Stories”][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1348″ icon=”2010″ title=”Multi-Migrations at Roche Diagnostics”]As part of the global efforts to bring about process harmonization and system consolidation at Roche Diagnostics, the aim is to standardize the business processes of the sales and service affiliates in the EMEA zone. In the first step of the Sales Affiliate Migration (SAM) cbs helped the pharmaceuticals and medical technology group to transfer its UK and Dutch sales and service organizations to the new shared SAP system for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1288″ icon=”2013″ title=”Metsä Board Streamlines and Harmonizes its Global SAP System” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fen%2Freference%2Fmetsa-board-streamlines-and-harmonizes-its-global-sap-system%2F|title:Read%20more”]In the course of a strategic reorientation, Finnish fiber paperboard producer Metsä Board (headquarters in Espoo near Helsinki) has implemented a clean-up and harmonization of its business processes and data. With cbs’ support, the company completed a 12-month cLeanERP project with the aim of establishing ONE Landscape; a consistent, globally uniform system landscape.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”15379″ icon=”16562″ title=”ZF Friedrichshafen Gets a Clear Picture of its S/4HANA Transition” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fen%2Freference%2Fzf-friedrichshafen-testet-eigene-prozesse-in-s-4hana%2F|title:Read%20more”]The transition to SAP S/4HANA and the development of a global template represents a major challenge for renowned technology company ZF Friedrichshafen and its heterogeneous ERP landscape.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”5037″ icon=”2053″ title=”Global Data Migration at Schaeffler” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fen%2Freference%2Fglobal-data-migration-at-schaeffler%2F|title:Read%20more”]cbs is helping Schaeffler Group to implement a uniform SAP standard throughout its international locations as part of a global SAP rollout program over several years.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”5043″ icon=”2040″ title=”ArcelorMittal South Africa merges five clients in three SAP systems during normal operations”]Steel giant ArcelorMittal South Africa successfully achieved the largest harmonization and consolidation it has ever undertaken in its history of using SAP. The challenge: To merge no fewer than five clients in three systems into a single client. This enormous data migration project saw financial controlling standardized, structures in accounting and reporting aligned, and master data and system customizing harmonized.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1337″ icon=”2038″ title=”Kemira Integrates AkzoNobel Division into the SAP World” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Freference%2Fkemira-bindet-akzonobel-sparte-in-sap-welt-ein%2F|title:Read%20more”]The Finnish group Kemira is pursuing the goal of implementing strategic growth plans at global level to affirm its presence in selected markets around the world. The group took an important step in this direction when Kemira’s Pulp & Paper segment, Kemira Oyj, acquired the Paper Chemicals business of the Dutch company AkzoNobel.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_stories_slider]


The strategic partnership with Capgemini complements the collaboration with SAP for new markets and industries. The use of the innovative transformation software enables large SAP customers worldwide to quickly and securely migrate to S/4HANA technology

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As a founding member of the ‘S/4HANA® Selective Data Transition Engagement’ expert community, we are pioneering the ‘RISE with SAP’ and S/4HANA Movement program, as a premium partner for large-scale process and system migration.

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Your contact

For detailed advice, we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Simply contact us directly:

Benjamin Krischer

Consulting Director

Phone: +49 6221 3304-0

Email: kontakt@cbs-consulting.de