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digital transformation for your logistics

myleo / dsc


The digital platform for site and transport logistics

Factory and transport logistics rethought. We connect logistics objects with business and process data, enabling maximum transparency in your supply chain. We specialize in operative and forward-looking control of plant logistics processes, focused on end-to-end perspective, including all process participants.

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Collaboration made easy—include all process players of your supply chain in real-time.

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Integration ERP / WMS / TMS

Seamless integration of document and transaction data from supporting IT systems.

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Save Time

Only takes a few hours to start with the first processes.

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Manage and control access rights of external service providers for secure communication flow.

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Real-time Control

Flexibility to make ad-hoc adjustments at any time.

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Available Everywhere

Compatible with all devices— use our solutions anywhere, any time.



myleo / slot

Not just another online calendar.

  • Real-time communication, capacity management, and process integration aligning your warehouse, transportation, and production processes.
  • Dynamically plan your capacities depending on expected loading and unloading quantities.
  • Define your own business rules. Logistics made simple.
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myleo / tnt

More than just Track & Trace.

  • Real-time visibility for in-and outbound transportation make it possible to optimize loading point plans, recognize delays, and smooth utilization of warehouse and logistics resources.
  • User friendly interfaces enable constant communication with all of your business partners.
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myleo / yard

Efficiently manage your plant logistics in the cloud.

  • Gate-in/out automation, resource tracking, loading point control, and operational process monitoring across all yard activities.
  • With the help our cloud platform yard suite, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can digitize site logistics processes.
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For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

cbs America Inc.

Phone: +1 484 583 7144

Email: usa-office@cbs-stag.de