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Supply Chain
& Manufacturing

Intelligent value chains
for agile and resilient
industrial companies


An end-2-end process deserves an end-2-end solution

The value chain is the backbone of every industrial company. This is where the difference is made: from the relationship with suppliers, logistics, and manufacturing of the actual product to the sustainable customer relationship. Our customers have refined and optimized this end-to-end process over decades. We help them make this process end-to-end, resilient, and innovative, even in a future-proof digital infrastructure.

The Power of Three

The challenges are as complex as a globally operating manufacturing company. Together with cbs and its subsidiaries leogistics and Trebing + Himstedt, we combine the necessary competence and capacity to master them.

Next generation holistic business solutions in a hybrid architecture with the right combination of processes and technology.

Optimal supply chain planning with transport, warehouse and yard management thanks to state-of-the-art integrated solutions for global market leaders.

Digital transformation to smart factories and digital services. From digital strategy to manufacturing execution solutions in the cloud from a single source.

Integrated Business Planning in 6 Months

Recent years have shown that supply chain planning is at the core of a resilient and successful business. In just 6 months, we support our clients to realize their first  IBP scenarios, building the foundation for agile, resilient, and sustainable supply chains that minimize risk and increase your competitive advantage.


Future-proof warehouse management

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management System (SAP EWM) is the most powerful form of SAP-based control for automated and manual warehouse processes. leogistics stands for efficiency, stability, and flexibility in your SAP EWM system. As specialists in automation and connection of hardware and IoT, we integrate these seamlessly for your efficient, SAP-based warehouse processing.

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NEXT Generation Warehouse Management


With the switch from WM to a decentralised EWM, Grünenthal achieves a new dimension of automation and direct integration of material flows and production.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_stories_slider]

Intelligent production and manufacturing

Today, companies have to be faster than the competition and even faster than their customers: product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter, competitors are bringing new products to market, and customers are demanding even faster innovation cycles.

How can this be countered? With a future-proof production that can do both efficient and flexible production simultaneously. Efficient to save costs and flexible to meet changing market requirements.

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Read our article on
Sustainable Supply Chain & Manufacturing

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New production templates, international rollouts and real-time integration

Vertical Integration with SAP MII[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”49881″ icon=”49888″ icon_title=”Festo” title=”Innovative production UI with individual guidance for high efficiency”]

Innovative production UI with individual guidance for high efficiency

SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”49905″ icon=”49913″ icon_title=”Elster” title=”Process modelling & automation with hybrid integration”]

Process modelling & automation
with hybrid integration

SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_stories_slider]

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