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State-of-the-art solutions with new user interfaces for the specific needs of industrial companies

If you want to step up the pace of innovation and implement digital solutions in short cycles, there’s no need to wait for SAP S/4HANA and the establishment of a digital core. Digital Now is the motto. The only question is how? Our favorite enabler is SAP Cloud Platform. Say goodbye to the time-consuming installations and software component licensing from the on-premise world. And say hello to test-driving new technologies on the cloud platform in real-world scenarios; and to cooperating with business departments to explore new technical, options based on actual processes – in a spirit of co-creation and design thinking. Multicloud is central to this, since it enables you to flexibly select and combine platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure, according to your specific needs. As a result, our solutions are relatively independent of the actual SAP back end. And this enables us to introduce innovations swiftly while offering investment security.

With our special expertise in SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud SDK, and user experience, we are expanding the core processes of SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA by adding innovative components such as machine learning and image recognition and bringing these to mobile devices for production employees, business partners, and end customers.

The following solutions are just a snapshot of our now 100+ apps. We focus firmly on industrial customers from the pharmaceutical, chemical, mechanical engineering, and automotive sectors:

Cloud-Based Solution for Entry Confirmation: cbs Entry Certificate Solution

Companies with a German sales tax ID number are able to supply physical goods from Germany to other states within the European Union exempt from sales tax. Suppliers are required to use an entry certificate (EC or GLB) as documentary proof that the goods have entered another EU state. The cbs Entry Certificate Solution developed by our experts works as follows: The transport document or follow-on documents, such as the invoice, trigger creation of the EC. The EC document is generated with a link to the delivery note. The document is managed in the cbs solution, which waits for confirmation from external parties, such as freight forwarders, end customers, or delivery companies. Business partners are automatically included in the solution. The solution lists all relevant consignments. Business partners confirm the entry certificate using a web-based solution with no need for any time-consuming IT integration. The app is designed for mobile use. PDFs can be generated from within the app. It also supports additional integration of customer-specific entry certificate formats as well as dunning.

The benefits for you:

Quick and easy: 

Entry certificates can now be handled more efficiently and faster than ever – without complex transactions or paperwork.


The app’s simple design increases productivity and minimizes the cost of training your employees.


It doesn’t matter whether you use an SAP S/4HANA on-premise, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, or SAP ERP system as a back end: This solution supports them all.

Fully integrated:

The solution is fully integrated with SAP – without requiring any add-ons or third-party interfaces.


The app can be used on any device or platform (desktop, Android, and iOS).

Up to date:

Our app is always connected to your SAP system and receives all information in real time.

cbs Inventory Solution on SAP Fiori

The cbs inventory solution is optimized for both Materials Management and Warehouse Management inventory, and offers fully integrated support for accounting-specific differences in the SAP back-end system. Company-specific requirements involve minimal integration effort. Stock counts are facilitated by the application’s straightforward, intuitive design. Physical inventories are faster and less susceptible to error. The application is optimized for any mobile device. Material, serial, and batch numbers can be scanned and posted directly. Another plus is the inventory cockpit, which is used for transparent inventory control. In addition, the app can be used on all devices or platforms (desktop, Android, and iOS) and is always connected to your SAP system, helping ensure that you have the real-time status of your inventories at all times.

cbs Production Planning on SAP Fiori

This cbs app shows production planners all production orders scheduled for the selected time period. All relevant information is available at a glance. A dynamic planning calendar is provided based on the shift sequence and factory calendar stored in the SAP system. The planner simply drags and drops the production orders to the desired dates and times to schedule them. The app provides information, for both planned and unplanned orders, about the pre-allocated stock situation, whether critical parts are included for production, configuration, and so on. Functions such as real-time ATP check, reading master data, or printing order papers can be executed directly from within the app. The status of each order is displayed graphically for the planner – providing the planner with all relevant information at a glance.

cbs Quality Assurance Suite on SAP Fiori

This consulting solution fully maps quality assurance processes in production. The app is particularly suitable for high-volume, high-variety manufacturers. The solution is based on the SAP Quality Management (QM) module and uses its standard functionalities. As a result, the solution is fully integrated. The user interface is based on SAP Fiori and consists of the following applications: serial number entry, checklist, message creation, error management, rework management. Andon boards are used to clearly present the current production status.

Another component of quality assurance is the serial number entry app, which is used to enter the installed components of a device (for example, a vehicle). The message creation app also permits quick and easy entry of quality issues. All of the information is determined directly from the SAP system using the production order.


For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

cbs America Inc.

Phone: +1 484 583 7144

Email: usa-office@cbs-stag.de