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Modern working environment

We create a sustainable working environment


At cbs, you take responsibility for shaping your everyday working life in line with your individual needs. With modern workplaces and flexible working models, we provide the right framework that can be tailored to you depending on changes in your situation.

Mobile working, sabbaticals and 30 days’ leave are just a few examples of how we create the right conditions for you so that you can perform at your best.

At our main location in the heart of Heidelberg, a new building with state-of-the-art facilities and common rooms with a feel-good character awaits you. The cbs head office comprises a total of 450 offices spread over five floors, a penthouse, an underground car park and a landscaped inner courtyard. With a 10-minute walk to Heidelberg’s main railway station and a few minutes to the A5 motorway, there are excellent connections to the surrounding area.

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Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency play a special role at the cbs headquarters: the building meets the highest standards for sustainability. As a passive house with its own 50-kilowatt solar system on the roof, the building covers a large part of the electricity supply.

Offers for your individual situation

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”21823″]Modern equipment

At all our locations, you will benefit from modern workplaces designed according to ergonomic requirements. Complete technical equipment for a smooth working day is a matter of course.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”21815″]Flexible working models

Do you prefer to work remotely or be on site with your colleagues? We offer you flexible working time models and working time arrangements tailored to your needs. In addition to 30 days of holiday, we offer the possibility of mobile working.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”21907″]Workplace health promotion

We support sustainable physical well-being with appropriate task design and health and sports offers. In addition, we offer subsidies for company pension schemes and supplementary insurance.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”22031″]Individual benefits

We respond to changing life situations and offer individual solutions, for example, allowances for kindergarten/daycare.


It’s worth getting started.

From student to manager

We give our employees the opportunity to grow with challenging tasks. Together we continuously develop their special talents. In doing so, they can count on a unique team spirit among colleagues and project partners. Strong through diversity and connectedness: With this attitude we have been successful – for 25 years.

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