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cbs is cooperating with Microsoft

Gold Partner for agile transformation ‘SAP Move to Azure Cloud’

Heidelberg, July 12, 2021 – cbs Corporate Business Solutions is cooperating with Microsoft at Gold Partner status. The business partners developed a new joint offering for the usage and integration of Microsoft (MS) Azure Cloud within SAP system landscapes. This enables global organizations to use business-critical cloud applications and interfaces in the agile shell even before switching to SAP S/4HANA.

Combining consulting expertise with MS Intelligent Cloud capabilities accelerates innovation: Latest technologies and agile development methods transform business models, in conjunction with a ‘Lean & Clean’ approach for SAP S/4HANA as new ERP backbone. The agile shell connects the digital core S/4HANA to MS Intelligent Cloud and Azure environment via SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

End-to-end processes in smart factories

“Embracing comprehensive business solutions across the entire value chain is key – not just in ERP or S/4HANA, but also with apps via MS Azure to SAP,” states Carlo Doni, Sales Director at cbs. Examples include predictive insights to deploy technicians prior to manufacturing shutdowns, or to support production planning from process monitoring to sequencing and scheduling through to material orders.

“Companies can realize business value with BTP and Azure through intelligent analysis of sensor data processed in smart factories from assets to SAP – and even prior to S/4HANA,” adds Karsten Kötter, cloud expert at cbs. This integrates events from inbound and site logistics via planning, production, and quality through to outbound logistics, after-sales / service, or rental.

MS Azure as the first step towards S/4

Enterprises can put S/4HANA transition second – by unbundling the move to Azure Cloud, business and IT benefit from fast value. This continuous modernization prepares for S/4HANA transition, reducing the stress curve and complexity of the final move. In the meantime, companies leverage BTP and Azure as a strategic development platform.

“While the infrastructure shifts to a hyperscaler, we enhance SAP end-to-end business processes, embracing innovative cloud technology, and transform ECC to S/4HANA,” says Holger Bock, Managing Director cbs Asia Pacific. If S/4HANA is not top of the list, it could be realized incrementally: Step one moves SAP ECC to Azure, with reduced data volumes and custom-specific solutions. Step two advances to digital innovation in the agile shell, but limits custom-specific solutions in ECC to a minimum. In this case, the move to S/4HANA on MS Azure is the final step as continuous innovation – by 2027 the latest.

Within the partnership with Microsoft, cbs provides cloud applications, SAP competencies and know-how for innovative business processes by technical and functional consultants, managing the integration. “ONE Digital Architecture and cloud platform build on BTP and Azure. cbs offers industry-related consulting expertise for business process solutions to improve system landscapes – based on business cases and solid roadmaps – in a fast, flexible and secure way,” Karsten Kötter explains.

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