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Diehl Aerospace Establishes Support Center in Singapore

SAP template rollout

Diehl Aerospace GmbH is a successful German company in the aviation industry with many locations around the world. Its shareholders include the Diehl Group, with its subgroup Diehl Aerosystems, and the French Thales Group. Support for customers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is provided from Singapore. For a long time, Airbus subsidiary SATAIR handled this support. The agreement expired, and it was decided that the company would itself assume responsibility for customer support in this key growth region. To this end, Diehl Aerospace Pte. Ltd. was founded. Based in Singapore, this new Diehl Aerospace GmbH subsidiary is intended to function as a customer support center (CSC) in the Asia-Pacific region for the entire Diehl Aerosystems subgroup with its four individual companies.

As a basis for the work of the new support center, it was necessary to establish a dedicated IT and SAP environment. cbs handled template creation and rollout for Diehl Aerospace in Singapore. The team’s extensive experience with international rollouts and its wide-ranging expertise were helpful when it came to deploying SAP in Singapore. To minimize risk and optimize the value chain, it was agreed that certain service elements would be provided locally in the background by partner Thales. At the same time, however, Diehl Aerospace Pte. Ltd. was to operate independently in the market, but with the support of these IT services in the background. The aim is to deliver optimum support for all the requirements of the Diehl Aerosystems subgroup at the new location.

From the outset, the affiliated companies of the subgroup Diehl Aircabin and Diehl Comfort Modules have also been using the local options with customers from the region. The services include, for example, replacement parts, repairs, technical assistance, and similar offerings. These services have to run smoothly in the real world as well as in the IT system. The project team had just seven months to define and implement the tightly integrated and complex processes. “The close, seamless cooperation between Thales Singapore and CSC APAC had to be reflected in the IT and in the SAP template,” says Diehl project manager Reinhard Gessinger. “To achieve this, it’s essential to have automated interfaces and avoid duplicate entries.”

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