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cbs Asia-Pacific

Management Team


Management Team Asia-Pacific

Holger Bock

Managing Director

cbs Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Kaarthi Duraisamy Chandrasakar

Managing Director

cbs Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Eric Lam

Representative Director

cbs Corporate Business Solution (HK&TW, Greater China)

Chris Ketterer

Managing Director

cbs Corporate Business Solutions Japan K.K.


Peter Rohde-Chen

Representative Director

cbs Corporate Business Solution (Mainland, Greater China)


Marcus Scott

Consulting Director

cbs Corporate Business Solutions Australia

Global Executive Board

Managing Directors

Rainer Wittwen (CEO)

Holger Scheel

Stefan Risse

Executive Board Members

Markus Geib

ONE Corporation, Globalization, Logistics/SCM & Manufacturing, IoT & Industrie 4.0

Internationalization (Asia)

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Oliver Dorsner

Management Consulting, Globalization, ONE Corporation, cbs Methodology

Head of cbs Munich, Stuttgart, and Zurich

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Jürgen Remmert

Business Solution Management / Application Management, Partnermanagement, Region Rhein/Main

Head of cbs Raunheim and Freiburg

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Benjamin Krischer

Landscape Transformation

Head of cbs Barcelona, Vienna and Linz

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Henning Krug

Globalization, Logistics Consulting, Competence Center Management

Head of cbs Dortmund

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Michael Hertel

Supply Chain Management

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Jürgen Lange

Management Consulting, Sustainable Supply Chain & Manufacturing

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