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SAP GTS Cloud: Foreign Trade as an End-to-End Service

Global export control and customs management in the SAP Partner Managed Cloud


Legally Compliant Processes in Foreign Trade

Global export control and efficient customs management are complex tasks that often present significant challenges. There are many embargoes and other limitations to take into account, and changes in the way customs are handled are common. How can companies that operate globally adapt their organizations and business processes to the provisions of international trade law, both now and for the long term?

Customs Expertise from Materna and cbs

The simplest way to handle your export and customs activities is to outsource them to an experienced partner. Through our software-as-a-service solution SAP GTS Cloud, we offer comprehensive operational and system maintenance support for global trade, covering all the relevant foreign trade processes and legal requirements. Our parent company, Materna Information & Communications SE, is a key player in the development of Germany’s electronic customs processing system (ATLAS). Together, we possess a unique array of customs expertise and extensive knowledge of the processes involved in foreign trade. Having worked in the field of global trade services for ten years, we’ve also amassed wide-ranging experience in more than 50 customer projects. All of this has been incorporated into our cloud solution.

Thanks to SAP GTS Cloud, you can outsource all your foreign trade processes – including operations and system maintenance.

SAP GTS Cloud Offers Maximum Freedom

You’ll no longer need to take care of anything with regard to foreign trade or retain IT specialists with specialist GTS expertise. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on your core business. The GTS Cloud solution provides optimal, comprehensive support for your current business processes. Since the solution is hosted at the German TÜV- and ISO27001-certified data center run by Materna, it also meets the highest standards in terms of data protection and security.

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We Offer Scalable Service Levels

  • Comprehensive consulting
  • System housing:
  • System basis maintenance:
  • GTS application management support


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Contact Person

For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

Thomas Marx

Consulting Director

Phone: +49 6221 3304-0

Email: contact@cbs-stag.de