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[dhsv_vc_teaserbox_posts teaser=”838″ image=”1546″ title=”cbs ET – Fast Track Your S/4HANA Migration” text=”cbs ET Enterprise Transformer: pacesetter and success driver for selective data transition to the new SAP world”]
[dhsv_vc_teaserbox_posts teaser=”840″ image=”1051″ title=”cbs E-Invoice World Cloud” text=”One-stop end-to-end outsourcing”]
[dhsv_vc_teaserbox_posts teaser=”842″ image=”1547″ title=”cbs apps” text=”State-of-the-art solutions with new user interfaces for the specific needs of industrial companies”]
[dhsv_vc_teaserbox_posts teaser=”844″ image=”1548″ title=”SAP Cloud Platform” text=”Technology consulting and out-of-the-box applications for the Intelligent Enterprise”]
[dhsv_vc_teaserbox_posts teaser=”846″ image=”1549″ title=”SAP GTS Cloud: Foreign Trade as an End-to-End Service” text=”Global export control and customs management in the SAP partner managed cloud”]