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S/4HANA System Conversion (Brownfield)

The target is clear: S/4HANA. However, the path is not yet clear for many. A system conversion, also known as a brownfield approach, enables rapid feasibility while preserving existing processes, data and structures.

We deliver S/4HANA on the fast lane and enable quick adoption of the latest technology to our customers. Budget-friendly and with minimal business disruption.
Holger Bock
Managing Director

New technology

The transition to S/4HANA offers a wide range of innovations. Creating real added value for yourself as quickly as possible makes sense to adopt the new technology quickly. The S/4HANA conversion offers rapid implementation and the least likely disruption to business operations.

When is system conversion the right path to S/4HANA?

Existing data and processes are to be adopted

The system landscape is to remain almost unchanged

Efforts in the course of the transformation should be as low as possible

The target picture should be reached quickly

The business operation shall not be disturbed

Consistent with the new world

By preserving existing structures, processes and data as much as possible, S/4HANA requires little change in the company. Technologically, it is a big step forward, but without introducing all employees to new processes.

Time to Value

No two S/4HANA transformations are the same. It makes it particularly important for us to plan and implement the optimal path tailored to our customer’s individual needs. We pay particular attention to value-added processes and innovations. Combined with optimised efforts and project runtimes, we can significantly shorten the time to value.

S/4HANA System Conversion with cbs


We offer the full range of services, from taking over the entire project (including implementation) to a guided coaching approach, all from one source.

cbs Enterprise Transformer

With the cbs E.T. Enterprise Transformer®, the new S/4 development system can be rebuilt with selective data migration from the production system.

Fast Processes and Implementation

Pre-configured templates (e.g. Project Planning, Cutover List)

Best practice content (Test-, Training- & Cutover approach)


Our focus is on downtime reduction and minimal business disruption from the first minute.

We are using best practices, cutover management, consideration of downtime optimisation measures.


With in-depth functional expertise in SAP S/4 and business process knowledge, we deliver robust planning and high-quality execution.

Realised SAP S/4HANA System Conversions

Your Contact

For detailed advice, we are of course happy to assist you personally. Simply contact us directly:

Yee Peng Nah
Consulting Director
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