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Our culture

A collegial, respectful atmosphere is essential for us.[/dhsv_vc_animation_header]

At cbs we take pride in our extraordinary team spirit. We are human and personal. Our employees meet each other at eye level regardless of their origin, position, or role. That makes us strong.

We have a unique corporate culture – this Power of Orange is perceptible everywhere.

The Power of Orange

…stands for the power which drives cbs:

The employees – highly qualified experts who consult the biggest and best companies in the world with passion and know-how.


… is the energy and passion with which our consultants help the best companies in the world to become even better every day.

Leading industrial companies seek the advice of our experts not only because they have the necessary know-how but, above all, the right attitude.

This is where the consultants of the world market leaders work.

We are consultants for world market leaders.

This is where the consultants of the world market leaders work.

Our corporate culture is based on four core areas:

[dhsv_vc_icon_block type=”counter”]Commitment:

We are people who approach our tasks with high standards and a great deal of passion. We work together to find the best solutions for our customers.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block type=”counter”]Team strength:

Every employee has a team that stands behind them, meets at eye level, and supports them at every turn. Everyone can take advantage of our network of experts to share knowledge and drive issues forward with the highest quality.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block type=”counter”]Scope of action:

Our employees consult world market leaders and thus act daily on unique projects and exciting tasks that challenge them and awaken their creative power.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block type=”counter”]Growth:

Together, we ensure the company’s and our employees’ continuous growth. With our development platform, everyone can fully exploit their potential and further develop their skills.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider][dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item background_image=”44363″ title=”Selale Deniz”]The people in my team are first and foremost supporters; they always have an ear for my concerns. Their doors are not just open symbolically but literally.[/dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item][dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item background_image=”44384″ title=”Olaf Hassel”]To me, Power of Orange means being able to move things forward and work together in a positive and optimistic way to achieve sustainable solutions.[/dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item][dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item background_image=”44377″ title=”Lisa Rohrwasser”]For me, the Power of Orange is meeting each other at eye level, being given the confidence to help shape things and taking on responsibilities relatively early on, and doing so in a great team.[/dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_testimonials_slider]

Experience the Power of Orange

Our culture thrives on encounters! We do everything possible to promote professional and personal exchange with targeted opportunities and framework conditions. Through the cbs-wide network, we strengthen our cohesion and our solution competence. One of the highlights is, without doubt, our annual Summer Summit.

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Careers at cbs: Our employees report

More than 1000 professionals and strong personalities at 22 locations worldwide form the successful expert team at cbs. Get to know more colleagues and be inspired by their stories.

[dhsv_vc_teaserbox_posts teaser=”51039″ image=”51268″ link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Fvon-sri-lanka-nach-heidelberg-ein-neues-leben-in-europa%2F|title:Read%20more|target:_blank”]
[dhsv_vc_teaserbox_posts teaser=”49960″ image=”48651″ title=”Direct entry for Melanie as junior consultant” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Fdirect-entry-as-junior-consultant%2F|title:Read%20more|target:_blank”]
[dhsv_vc_teaserbox_posts teaser=”19387″ image=”19074″ title=”My trainee programme: first inquisitiveness, then responsibility” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Ftrainee-program%2F|title:Read%20more|target:_blank”]

Would you like to become part of the Power of Orange?

Find out more about our entry opportunities here:

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