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Career in the field of
Business Consulting


Business know-how paired with an interest in IT topics and analytical skills – this is what makes the perfect business consultant

As an SAP specialist, we support our customers in business process optimisation, where as a consultant you have the choice to act in one of the following areas:

Optimisation of operational accounting and group controlling

There are many challenges in the financial sector. As an FI/CO consultant, the focus is not only on operational accounting and complex group controlling issues, but also on international harmonisation and the implementation of new SAP products.

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Holistic solutions for the digital logistics chain

This consulting unit deals with the modernisation and optimisation of the two core pieces of the process landscape – the SAP MM (Material Management) and SD (Sales & Distribution) modules. As these two logistics modules are closely interlinked with all other classic functionalities in the logistics chain, our consultants also support you in the analysis and implementation of new technologies such as Integrated Business Planning (IBP), MRP Live, advanced ATP (aATP), integrated detailed planning (embedded PP/DS), Demand Driven MRP (DD-MRP) or predictive MRP (pMRP). Furthermore, our consultants ensure transparency and consistency throughout the supply chain with new SCM technologies.

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Global foreign trade solutions

Do you have customs expertise combined with comprehensive process knowledge in foreign trade and technical know-how on the use of SAP GTS as a global foreign trade solution? Then process consulting for the implementation of holistic foreign trade solutions is something for you.

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Master data management as the basis for S/4 HANA

The consulting activities in MDM include strategy consulting, governance structure and organisation; process & architecture consulting, tool selection; SAP MDM / MDG implementation; data quality validation and evaluation. You act as a consultant and as an implementer with a view to the big picture.

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Profitable personnel management

You support customers in mapping processes in the area of Human Capital Management / Human Resources and develop first-class HCM solutions together with the customer based on HCM modules PA/OM, PT, PY or Fiori.

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Implementation of an integrated customer process management system

The entire bandwidth of CRM Salesforce is covered here and the consultants support the design of individual CRM portfolios both CRM specialist (sales, marketing, service, analytics) and technical (Salesforce Cloud, CRM ERP Integration, CRM Custom Development).

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Holistic transformation approach – from strategy derivation and process definition to implementation and transformation

Whether data conversions, migrations between SAP systems or from NonSAP to SAP – as a consultant in the area of SLT, you advise our customers on a professional and technical level on their individual path of digital data and system transformation using our standard software cbs ET Enterprise Transformer for SAP S/4HANA®. Your know-how goes far beyond the usual market standard. In addition to excellent expertise in data and data structures, you have outstanding knowledge of SAP processes and applications. With this combined knowledge, you point out optimal paths and ensure a smooth transformation from a business and technical point of view.

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SAP consultants in the area of ERP/Finance support more than 70 percent of the world’s market leaders in the manufacturing industry in optimising and digitising their financial processes. There are many challenges in the finance area. As a consultant:in FI/CO, the focus is not only on operative accounting and complex topics of group controlling, but also on international harmonisation and the implementation of new SAP products.

SAP Consultants in the field of logistics

SAP consultants in the field of logistics deal with the heart of the process landscape. As an expert with specialist expertise in the SAP modules SD (Sales & Distribution) and SAP MM (Material Management), they manage global SAP ERP projects, harmonise business processes and develop holistic solutions for the digital logistics chain.

SAP Consultants in the area of Master Data Management

SAP consultants in the area of Master Data Management (MDM) have extensive expertise in SAP MDM. They help our customers to achieve higher data quality for master data and thus create the basis for achieving digitisation goals. In the environment of global SAP solutions, professional master data management is the basic prerequisite for sustainable and efficient solution operation.

What makes Business Consulting work?

[dhsv_vc_benefits_list title=”You are:” benefits=”%5B%7B%22title%22%3A%22PROBLEM%20SOLVER%3A%20You%20put%20a%20smile%20on%20the%20customer’s%20face%20by%20analysing%20problems%20that%20arise%20and%20recommending%20courses%20of%20action%20and%2C%20if%20necessary%2C%20adapting%20the%20system.%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22PROCESS%20UNDERSTANDER%3A%20You%20provide%20large%20industrial%20companies%20with%20end-to-end%20design%20expertise%20for%20processes%2C%20structures%2C%20data%20and%20systems.%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22TRANSLATOR%3A%20You%20mediate%20between%20the%20IT%20world%20and%20the%20non-IT%20world.%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22COMPANY%20INVOLVEMENT%3A%20You%20contribute%20to%20the%20development%20of%20the%20company%20as%20well%20as%20to%20the%20further%20development%20of%20our%20project%20management%20methodology.%22%7D%5D”]
[dhsv_vc_benefits_list title=”Your tasks are:” benefits=”%5B%7B%22title%22%3A%22DISTINGUISHABLE%3A%20You%20have%20a%20wide-ranging%20spectrum%20of%20work%20from%20process%20analysis%20to%20implementation%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22CROSS-FUNCTIONAL%3A%20As%20an%20SAP%20consultant%2C%20you%20moderate%20between%20the%20individual%20departments%20of%20the%20company.%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22INTERNATIONAL%3A%20In%20addition%20to%20supporting%20well-known%20national%20clients%2C%20you%20also%20advise%20international%20companies%20from%20a%20wide%20range%20of%20industries.%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22PURSUANT%20TO%20SUCCESS%3A%20In%20the%20various%20roles%2C%20you%20can%20shape%20the%20tasks%20and%20functions%20according%20to%20your%20inclination%2C%20from%20project%20manager%20to%20technical%20and%20disciplinary%20management%20tasks%20or%20pre-sales%20role.%22%7D%5D”]

Do you want to design business processes for globally operating industrial companies?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

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