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Career in the area
Corporate Functions


Accompanying growth – in our central corporate divisions

Realise the vision of becoming a world market leader for world market leaders with us. Exciting tasks and a high degree of personal responsibility await you. We will connect you with motivated colleagues who will meet you at eye level and form a team that is characterised by exceptional cohesion. With passion and a high service standard, we support the consulting unit in a globally operating management consultancy.

As a numbers person, communication ace, organisational talent, creative mind, computer specialist or all-round talent, you bring an expertise that is indispensable in our consulting organisation and contributes significantly to the development of the company.

From trainees to (dual) students, professionals or managers, there is a place for every career level in our organisation.

Become part of the team behind the consulting team and actively shape the success of cbs!

Karriere bei cbs

Do you enjoy supporting others proactively and at a high service level? Then the Commercial Department is the right place for you as an all-round commercial talent! The Commercial Project Processing & Front Desk departments ensure smooth internal processes by providing assistance in the classic order-to-billing process, in the processing of travel expenses, in travel, office and fleet management.

No matter which business sector is involved: Contractual matters have to be regulated in all of them. This is where the Corporate Development & Contract Management (CDCM) team plays an important role. In addition to providing advice and support in the preparation of offers and contracts, its tasks also include ensuring that the content and legal provisions are complied with. The team works closely with all divisions of cbs and forms the interface to the management. As the “right hand” of the management, the team is also significantly involved in the further development of the company and supports the management in trend-setting administrative and organisational tasks.

Aligned with the corporate goals of cbs, Corporate Sales & Marketing develops cross-target communication strategies, plans and campaigns and maintains relationships with internal and external stakeholders. As part of the team, you will raise awareness of cbs, its product and service portfolio and support the organisation globally with specialist expertise in your profession.

As a communicative sales talent in Sales/Telesales, you help our customers overcome their challenges, identify their needs and refer them internally for customer-specific advice.

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Your heart beats for numbers, data, facts? Wonderful! As an accountant or controller, you always keep an eye on the profitability of the company and act as a business partner alongside the management. Your work is decisive for important decisions of the company management.

The world of work is moving at an increasing pace. Accordingly, new tasks and challenges are constantly arising that the HR team must coordinate and master. A wide range of tasks await you in the HR department, such as inspiring new talent for cbs, supporting our colleagues in all HR matters, further developing our staff and organisation, and helping to shape the HR strategy.

In Partner Management, you maintain contacts with strategic partner companies and the freelancer network. In cooperation with the consulting organisation, you fill vacant positions in projects. In addition, you manage the processes and contractual matters and thus ensure a smooth project-based cooperation.

In addition to the provision of IT hardware and software, the support of networks (LAN, WLAN, Windows AD), security (firewall, reverse proxy), communication (VoIP, mobile), virtualisation, application development and process optimisation, you act as part of the internal IT team as a problem solver and ensure that colleagues can work smoothly in the office, remotely or at customers.

Take your chance, become part of one of the central divisions and help shape the internal business world of cbs.

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[dhsv_vc_link_text_box background=”white” title=”Vision” text=”Since the foundation of cbs in 1995, the cbs group has been growing steadily. Our goal: to achieve a turnover of a quarter of a billion US dollars with 1,000 consultants in 2025.” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Fcareers-at-cbs%2Fworking-at-cbs%2Fguidelines-vision-mission%2F|title:Mission%20-%20Vision%20-%20Guidelines|target:_blank”]
[dhsv_vc_link_text_box title=”Culture” text=”A collegial, respectful working environment is a prerequisite for us. We support each other and live an open, direct interaction from trainee to management.” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Fcareers-at-cbs%2Fworking-at-cbs%2Four-culture%2F|title:Culture%20of%20cbs|target:_blank”]
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[dhsv_vc_link_text_box background=”white” title=”Projects” text=”We create end-to-end business process solutions that are used across applications and worldwide in internationally operating industrial companies such as Roche, Viessmann or Schott.” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Four-customers%2F|title:Referenzen”]
[dhsv_vc_link_text_box background=”white” title=”Exchange” text=”Our culture thrives on encounters, which is why we do everything we can to promote both professional and personal exchange with targeted offers and framework conditions.” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Fcareers-at-cbs%2Fworking-at-cbs%2Fexchange%2F|title:Exchange|target:_blank”]
[dhsv_vc_link_text_box title=”Modern working world” text=”We offer you modern workplaces and flexible working models that we tailor to your individual situation.” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Fcareers-at-cbs%2Fworking-at-cbs%2Fmodern-working-environment%2F|title:Modern%20working%20environment|target:_blank”]
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Your development building blocks

Aus und Weiterbildung

Already in the induction phase, in addition to a detailed induction plan depending on the role and function, we place a great deal of importance on personal support from a mentor / mentor, who provides advice and support with their know-how and experience.

Depending on potential and individual interest, we offer various career models that are specifically tailored to the different functions / roles.

Feedback processes and tools enable a regular exchange and strengthen personal development. In regular development meetings we talk about strengths, wishes and goals and define personal career paths.

In the context of digitalisation, learning new skills is inevitable. A diverse internal and external training offer provides the best possible development.

We attach great importance to the promotion of young talent and offer school leavers the dual study programme in addition to vocational training.