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cbs E-Invoice World Cloud

Enabling end-to-end processes from SAP ERP or S/4 through to governmental authorities


E-lnvoicing by cbs enables you to be globally compliant and up-to-date with lowest organisational effort. So you can focus on your core business.

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The challenge of complex regulations

The worldwide legal and fiscal requirements in business-to-government scenarios (for example, e-invoicing, e-governance, e-reporting, e-delivery, and e-tracking) are extremely rigorous, ranging from mandatory electronic invoicing, comprehensive and correct reporting through to processing and presentation of various special taxes. The regulatory requirements are also subject to constant changes, sometimes involving significant adjustments to the system and process landscape. All of this makes implementing, using, and maintaining global SAP solutions a costly and complex challenge. Companies looking to avoid the considerable technical and organisational effort involved can outsource the entire process of exchanging documents with the authorities.

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Worldwide e-invoicing solutions for 15 countries many more on future schedule


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Specialist Article: E-Invoicing in the Age of Digitalisation – a Paradox?

E-Invoicing is much more than just digital invoices. Rather, it is about the requirements of authorities for information on the movement of goods, etc. And it is precisely these requirements that need to be harmonised with the company’s own business processes. Oliver Villwock explains the pain points in the cbs blog.

We have come a long way from past formats and communication channels; it’s now about the end-to-end integration of legal requirements into digital processes.

Oliver Villwock, Consulting Director


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