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Leading Innovative Food Company achieved bespoke high-speed transformation

Leading Innovative Food Company in the Asia Pacific

As the leading food company across the Asia Pacific, our customer has an excellent portfolio of well-known consumer brands in some of the region’s largest grocery categories. Their product offering is supported by a large scale, efficient distribution network that enables delivery of the company’s products to all the outlets every day.


Digital Transformation – Future Proof the Business

In consideration of the business growth and needs, SAP roadmap and ageing hardware, the customer embarked on a project to upgrade the existing SAP landscape by migrating to SAP Suite on HANA (SoH) on HANA Enterprise Cloud. It will enable them to move into SAP S/4HANA at a later stage.

With the move to HANA Enterprise Cloud, they reduce the total cost of ownership for the long run, future proof IT platform and more importantly, cater to future business growth.

Additionally, they have the need to transform historical data coupled with the alignment of fiscal periods to group requirements.


System Landscape Transformation: End-to-End Solutions from Design Through Technical Implementation

cbs consulting assessed and provided the following services as part of the requirement for the customer.

  • Using cbs’ System Landscape Transformation migration approach for the customer to move to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.
  • Finance Fiscal Period Change as well as Data Transformation to perform a Fiscal Year Shift for historical records:
    • E.g. Change of fiscal periods from 4-4-5 to Calendar periods.
    • E.g. Data transformation exercise to set fiscal year back by 1.
  • Deploying selective data migration for more than 20 company codes and a few years of historical data.
  • Applying a Near-Zero Downtime approach.

The project was facilitated by cbs’ ET Enterprise Transformer, cbs proprietary transformation software, and executed by Transformation Team situated in cbs Kuala Lumpur Service Center, Malaysia.

It allows the customer to achieve high-quality and high-speed transformation based on the requirements. based on the requirements.


Near Zero-Downtime with System Landscape Transformation

Throughout the project implementation, hardware, infrastructure and application tuning needs were collaboratively identified and improved. As a result, the customer achieved near-zero-downtime for their data migration on its massive SAP ECC database size.

The result achieved for the customer was about 16 hours of business downtime, with only about 7 hours allocated for data migration. With the Selective Data Migration approach, the customer’s HANA database on Enterprise Cloud has reduced to just a few TB.

Different methods can optimise downtime. As lowering the downtime can have significant cost implications, those methods must be combined most intelligently. Experienced project and cut-over managers help to define an optimised cut-over plan for a system landscape transformation. cbs ET Optimisation is part of the standard offering to allow the fastest operations on the database level.

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