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What type of partner are you?

Referral Partners

Submit leads and get rewarded after the project win

Referral Partner:

One-time engagement with the partner to make inroads with new customers, expand customer base and make revenue on referral commission. Strategic and mutually beneficial alliances with organizations to achieve a common objective. Opportunity to connect with your networks to generate new leads and ultimately driving business growth.

Consulting Partners

Collaborative execution of projects with cbs award-winning delivery team and receive commissions on sales

Consulting (Implementation) Partner:

Partner with cbs to deliver migration and transformation services to your customers. cbs will engage with the partner using product and service packages tailored-made for client engagement. An attractive pricing model will be offered to the consulting partners.

Together cbs & partner will be building winning proposals for their strategic customers, specific to client requirements.

Reselling Partners

Avail partner discounted price for cbs products and packages

Reselling Partner:

Partners with eligibility to sell selected IT products from cbs. An exclusive partner pricing structured to enable our selling partner to drive additional revenue through license sales. Partners with the required criteria can gain eligibility to sell selected product from cbs. To discuss more, speak with our Partner contact.

The products and packages you can sell with us:

    cbs EWC: cbs E-Invoicing World Cloud enables to be globally compliant and stay up-to-date with lowest organizational effort, focusing on core business.

    cbs MDV: cbs Master Data Validation, a robust software solution for enhancing master data quality, enabling industrial firms to optimize logistics processes over time.

    cbs ET Package*: cbs ET Enterprise Transformer, first comprehensive standard software for holistic SAP S/4HANA selective transformation.

*Applicable only to existing consulting partners.

Why join our partner program?

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Our partners strategically decide to include SDT based on cbs software in its service portfolio. A special enablement program will allow our partners to rapidly build up ET-based migration expertise and introduce the cbs transformation solution offering into new markets and customer segments in hybrid delivery models.

“As SAP consultants and partners, we consider it our task to facilitate this and want to do our bit to help SAP customers transition to S/4HANA – quickly and cost-effectively – and drive forward their digital transformation.”

Rainer Wittwen

CEO, cbs Corporate Business Solutions

Partnering with cbs will enable any project to be a business-driven, technology-enabled approach in delivering our digital transformation, focused on solving critical business problems.

Partnership to bring innovative SAP S/4HANA transformation software to a wider global market

Corporate SAP customers with complex and diverse landscapes and systems need economically efficient and technically reliable approaches for the transformation of their ERP systems.

Selective Data Transition (SDT) offers these customers a software-based, high-performance standard transition process, overcoming the various challenges by enabling flexible data migration of selective innovations and best practices with minimal disruption to process operations. A prerequisite for SDT projects is the use of special software.

cbs ET Enterprise Transformer is the world’s first transformation software for migrating existing process and system landscapes flexibly and holistically to the solution and data structures of S/4HANA.

“We believe a successful consulting partnership is built on trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to delivering measurable results for our clients.”

Holger Bock

Managing Director, cbs Asia Pacific

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cbs APAC today!

cbs is one of the very few consulting firms with a unique standard software (Enterprise Transformer) for complex SAP transformation projects that enables high-speed transformation into the target structure.

Partnering with cbs will enable any projects to be a business-driven, technology-enabled approach in delivering our digital transformation, focused on solving critical business problems.

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Contact Person

We would of course also be happy to provide a more detailed consultation in person. Simply contact us directly:

Karthik Manoharan

Regional Partner Director, APAC​