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The Benefits of E-invoicing in SAP: Cost Savings, Efficiency, and Compliance


E-invoicing, or electronic invoicing, is creating an invoice in a state-of-the-art electronic medium and sending it to the receiver. As the definition explains, it doesn’t require you to write something on a piece of paper manually.

Usually, an e-invoicing tool can create a well-structured electronic format, which can be used to generate the invoice. There might be other templates to choose from if you want to do it unconventionally. In that case, you may have to use a 3rd party tool.

E-invoicing, due to how flexible the technology, can be curated and sent through –

  • Web-based portals,
  • Email or a 
  • Direct system-to-system integration

As the process is automated, it might help you reduce the number of errors and ensure you are making no mistakes. It can also result in much faster payment processing while saving much money for your organization.


Is E-Invoicing Beneficial for Your Business?

If appropriately used, e-invoicing will, indeed, be beneficial for you. Spoiler alert – it is not about making the process quicker. There’s a lot, lot more to it.


1: Less Expensive

Sure, buying or implementing an e-invoice tool is expensive. And if you aren’t sure what you are doing – you’ll have to take the help of a specialist. That will be even costlier.

However, it can also save you money in more than one way.

For example, with e-invoicing, you won’t have to spend anything to print the paper. Also, there’s no need to purchase storage space for keeping a physical invoice.

Furthermore, you can also reduce the risk of making an error while laying out your invoice. It will make it easier to process the entire thing and save you from additional expenses.


2: Improved Efficiency

E-invoicing can reduce the effort and time that you require for manual processing. In addition, it can also eliminate the need for data entry. In a way, it saves a lot of your time. Due to the same reason, it’ll also be easier to streamline their payment and invoicing method.

This, in turn, would improve the entire payment processing performance and boost your cash flow to some extent. Additionally, you can also avoid errors due to the elimination of manual data entry. So, there’s no need to worry about damaging your reputation.


3: Better Security

An e-invoicing tool is entirely secure, especially if you’re using something like SAP. So, unlike a traditional option, you don’t have to worry about getting stolen.

However, most of the other e-invoicing tools might not be as efficient as you think they are. If you want to go for the best possible option, then opt for SAP.

We have talked more about the benefits of e-invoicing with SAP in the next section. Thus, let us move there to get more information regarding the same.


Benefits of E-Invoicing in an SAP-based Ecosystem

In this section, we have shared a few benefits you can enjoy while using an SAP system to create an e-invoice. So, let’s get started with it.

  • Increased efficiency: E-invoicing in SAP eliminates manual processing, reducing the time and effort required for data entry and invoice processing. This leads to faster payment processing and improved cash flow.
  • Improved accuracy: E-invoicing in SAP can help minimize the risk of errors by automatically validating and verifying invoices, reducing the likelihood of errors due to manual data entry.
  • Reduced costs: E-invoicing in SAP eliminates the need for paper-based invoicing, reducing the costs associated with printing, mailing, and storing physical invoices.
  • Better supplier relationships: E-invoicing in SAP can improve supplier relationships by providing faster and more reliable payment processing, reducing payment delays, and improving overall satisfaction.
  • Enhanced security: E-invoicing in SAP can be designed with robust security features, such as encryption and digital signatures, to protect sensitive financial information and prevent fraud.
  • Compliance with tax regulations: E-invoicing in SAP can help businesses comply with local tax regulations by automatically applying the correct tax codes and rates to each invoice. This can help companies to avoid penalties for non-compliance and reduce the risk of audit findings.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Although our article is quite inclusive, it lacks somewhere. Hence, we have added this FAQ section here to provide more information.

Hopefully, it will cover whatever data we couldn’t share before.


1: What is e-invoicing in SAP?

E-invoicing in SAP creates, sends, and receives invoices electronically within the SAP system. This process can streamline invoicing and payment processing, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.


2: What are the benefits of e-invoicing in SAP?

The benefits of e-invoicing in SAP include reduced costs, improved accuracy, enhanced security, and better supplier relationships. E-invoicing can also help businesses comply with local tax regulations and reduce the risk of penalties.


3: How do I set up e-invoicing in SAP?

Setting up e-invoicing in SAP can vary depending on your needs and requirements. Typically, you must work with a third-party e-invoicing provider and configure the SAP system to support electronic invoicing. This might involve creating master data, creating custom fields, and configuring document types.


4: Can I use e-invoicing in SAP with multiple currencies?

Yes, e-invoicing in SAP supports multiple currencies, which can be configured for each vendor or customer. This allows businesses to invoice and receive payments in different currencies, making it easier to do business globally.


5: How does e-invoicing in SAP help with compliance?

E-invoicing in SAP can help businesses comply with local tax regulations by automatically applying the correct tax codes and rates to each invoice. 

This can help businesses avoid penalties for non-compliance and reduce the risk of audit findings. Additionally, e-invoicing can help companies maintain accurate records and provide proof of compliance in an audit.

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