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ONE Finance

From operational accounting to strategic corporate management


ONE Finance & Controlling Excellence with S/4HANA

Finance departments currently face a host of challenges. These include digitalisation, One Finance transformation, standardisation, centralisation, globalisation, shared services, parallel accounting, fast close, SAP S/4HANA from Universal Journal through to intelligent ERP, machine learning, predictive accounting, embedded analytics, new integrated planning & consolidation and new G/L migrations.

Digitalisation is fundamentally transforming how companies work. Business models are changing. CFOs expect more of their IT systems: closer alignment with the business strategy, greater management expertise, and greater agility for M&A activities and reorganisations, not to mention significantly reduced complexity.

Strategic Corporate Management with SAP

Leverage cbs’ expertise for cost-efficient optimisation solutions in operational accounting. Learn how you can support your strategic corporate management with innovative SAP software. We offer one-stop management, application, and transformation consulting to shape the future of finance departments. Our unique portfolio becomes the enabler for the One Finance transformation in your company.

Take advantage of our expertise in cost-effective accounting solutions. cbs has been supporting company-wide SAP rollouts since 1995. We are an SAP S/4HANA pioneer and strategic partner to the manufacturing industry.

Sebastian Hellmann

Consulting Director

The SAP Consulting Partner for CFOs

As a management consultancy with extensive SAP implementation experience, we can provide CFOs with solid answers to key strategic questions about future-oriented enterprise solutions. We build bridges: between abstract management concepts, the often disparate reality within companies, and the potential offered by real-world SAP software. We show you the most efficient approaches for setting up a globally standardised finance and reporting platform in the tightest time frames.

[dhsv_vc_stories_slider title=”References”][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1354″ icon=”2055″ title=”ONE Step to New Finance on SAP S/4HANA” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Freference%2Fone-step-to-new-finance-on-sap-s-4hana%2F|title:Read%20more”]Today, future-proof processes in accounting, controlling, and reporting are essential for companies. The goal of the Mainz-based technology group Schott is to move from its old environment to a new, digital SAP S/4HANA world, rolling out S/4 worldwide across all countries, plants and companies in one big bang.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1352″ icon=”2012″ title=”CLAAS Standardizes Charts of Accounts Throughout the Group” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Freference%2Fclaas-standardizes-charts-of-accounts-throughout-the-group%2F|title:Read%20more”]International agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS had an ambitious goal. On its way to becoming ONE Global Corporation, the company planned to harmonize its charts of accounts for all of its 30 entities; the aim being to standardize posting processes and align reporting pursuant to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with the internal management income statement.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1341″ icon=”2014″ title=”TRUMPF Achieves Group-Wide Financial Transparency” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Freference%2Ftrumpf-achieves-group-wide-financial-transparency%2F|title:Read%20more”]High-tech company TRUMPF, one of the world’s biggest providers of machine tools and laser technology, is restructuring its financial management with Controlling Excellence.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item background_image=”1276″ icon=”2044″ title=”Global Restructuring at Duerr” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcbs-stag.de%2Fapac%2Freference%2Fglobal-restructuring-at-duerr%2F|title:Read%20more”]Within the scope of a reorganization project at Dürr Group, a number of fundamental structural problems became apparent. The decentralized organization was no longer able to meet the needs of the increasingly global value-creation structure of complex plant projects.[/dhsv_vc_stories_slider_item][/dhsv_vc_stories_slider]

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