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Management Consulting

Finding the answers to your strategic challenges


Digital transformation poses many challenges for industrial companies. Ultimately, there has to be a rethink of the entire value chain. To transform their business models, decision-makers need to change mindsets and tear down established structures – and they need to do it fast. Innovation cycles are getting shorter all the time. To keep pace, there is no option but to streamline and harmonise business processes across the company and standardise global IT processes. Automation and cost reduction also remain important factors. The object is to increase customer value and bring new business ideas to market faster.

It would be best if you asked yourself the following questions:

  • What does digitalisation mean for your company and your business models and processes?
  • How can you deliver corporate strategies through sustained improvements to operational processes?
  • How can you create added value for the company and customers?
  • What strategic IT decisions are required?

Our vision:

cbs Management Consulting helps customers derive and implement strategies. We deliver customer-specific answers based on strategic visions, road maps, and recommendations. We develop concepts and solutions for processes, the organisation, and IT, bridging the gap between a company’s overarching global strategy and its operational rollout.


Our mission:

With many years of consulting experience acquired from more than 2,000 projects for industrial players, we understand the trends, drivers, and challenges behind the strategy, processes, organisation, and IT of a company. Our management consultants have extensive expertise in many different fields, not to mention world-class project methods and the necessary soft skills to provide comprehensive advice to customers at all company levels.

We find answers to the latest strategic challenges, volatile market situations, and new customer requirements, giving you all the support you need on your way to a digital future.

Holger Bock

Managing Director / cbs Asia-Pacific

Our partners:


For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

Holger Bock

Managing Director / cbs Asia-Pacific

Email: my-office@cbs-stag.de

Contact: cbs Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Phone: +1 484 954 9847

Email: sg-office@cbs-stag.de

Phone: +65 3105 1273

Contact: cbs Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Email: my-office@cbs-stag.de

Contact: cbs Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.