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SAP Fiori UX
and UI

Strategies for front ends, user experience, and mobile solutions

Access your Company’s Data from Anywhere

Mobile access to the Internet through smartphones and tablets has changed information technology more than any other recent development. These days, everyone wants anytime, anywhere access to data housed all over the world. This trend is affecting business processes as well: SAP system data, which was previously used mainly by office-based employees, is now being provided on mobile devices in simple, cost-effective ways. Mobile solutions for managing customers, orders, warehouses, logistics, and services have been on the market for years and continue to be optimized.

We develop digital apps for industrial companies to better prepare them for global competition in the digital age.
Denny Schreber,
Senior Solution Architect

Choosing the right UI

The growing mobile use of IT systems and the ongoing advance of the cloud are giving rise to all-new requirements in terms of application interfaces. Here, software designed specifically for the cloud is typically much more user-friendly because mobility is already a key aspect of cloud solutions. The problem? Displaying data from an ERP system on a wide variety of user devices. The challenge therefore lies in finding the right user interface for each individual use case. How can you design tailored UIs based on distributed data? What technologies can companies use to simplify and optimize their processes – or create new processes from the ground up? And how can you integrate mobile processes into your current application landscape? These are questions we help you answer.

Consulting and Implementation of UX/UI/Mobile Strategies and Architectures

  • Derivation and implementation of company-wide strategies for front ends, user experience, and mobile solutions
  • Analysis to determine which of your processes are suited for Fiori UX and identify the appropriate solutions for them.
  • Concept design and implementation of customer-specific UI solutions: integrated solutions for a variety of SAP and non-SAP products
  • Fiori UX development and implementation
  • Developments on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP):Seamless end-to-end display of comprehensive, multi-system process integration with an SAP Fiori/UX interface.

Contact Person

For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

Denny Schreber
Senior Solution Architect