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cbs invests a lot of time and money in education and training, gives employees at every stage of their career the time necessary to dedicate to this, and provides a supportive organizational environment. Experts and managers develop, coach, and lead consultants. General and area-specific knowledge is imparted through inter-divisional internal and external events as well as regular interaction within the cbs network. cbs invests six percent of its annual revenue in the personal and professional development of its employees. By providing the temporal, organizational, and financial framework, we create opportunities for employees to become experts or managers.


  • SAP certifications
  • External professional training
  • Softskill training
  • Bootcamps (interdisciplinary workshops)
  • Consultant days (regular field-specific training)
  • Competence days (interdisciplinary knowledge transfer)
  • Role-specific training programs
  • Structured entry-level programs (dual-track students, trainees, onboarding)


Through growth and active career promotion, we create opportunities for development as an expert or manager. We make a general distinction between business and technology consulting.

Regardless of specialization, cbs consultants gain cross-divisional knowledge in both process and technology fields. Business consultants focus more on business processes, while technology consultants explore system and architecture topics in more detail.

Typical entry-level role for university graduates
Initial project experience as a project assistant
Completes both project and preparatory work (creating presentations, research and analysis tasks)
Technical and methodological knowledge can be expanded through special training programs and certifications

Entry-level position for graduates with initial work experience
Responsible for defined project modules/development tasks
Research and data analysis as well as documentation of analysis results
Presentation of the results to the project lead
Realization under the guidance of an experienced consultant/using provided technical specifications
Test support in projects

Senior Consultants/Senior Solution Consultants have several years of consulting experience and have successfully participated in a wide range of customer projects
Responsible for several project modules/complex development tasks
Contributes ideas or concepts within projects
Direct customer contact
Creation of and participation in customer presentations
Coaching of junior consultants/technology consultants and developers

Manages projects or subprojects within a large overall project or responsible for projects for the implementation of a partial solution
Manages, plans and monitors the subproject
Mainstay of the project and cbs’ face to the customer
Structures the project process and responsible for project result and budget
Leadership responsibility
Jointly responsible for customer and business development/expense estimates and quotations within area
Coaching of junior consultants/technology specialists

Many years of consulting and project management experience
Employs efficient project management methods and responsible for fast and economically successful project implementations/design and implementation of business processes across different systems and applications
Acquisition and overarching operational management of several projects at top management level/design of end-to-end processes using the customer’s IT landscape
Responsible for a business case, i.e. the development of a consulting field/technical solution
Mentor for junior consultants/technology specialists

Typically, the next step for a senior consultant or expert with more than 10 years of (SAP) consulting experience
Designs and implements business processes across different systems and applications
Many years of consulting experience from various customer projects in several industries
Process, application and technological knowledge and the ability to facilitate decisions at management level

Many years of SAP consulting management expertise as well as in-depth business knowledge in a particular field
Corporate responsibility for the respective business unit
Designs and expands the consulting portfolio
Establishes a profit center with responsibility for revenue and results
Responsible for employee leadership, acquisition, and development
Develops new customers and expands the customer base


Specialists and managers at cbs can assume different roles regardless of career level. These will differ depending on their particular strengths and wishes. For example, a cbs manager could be an HR manager, account manager, and/or project manager. In turn, a solution architect can be responsible for the development of a product as well as for the management of a technology project.

* cbs is an equal opportunities employer and all roles are available to both men and women.