Harald Sulovsky

CEO, cbs Corporate Business Solutions

Area of Responsibility: Company Management

Designing business processes with the help of modern information technology has been Harald Sulovsky’s passion since his early days in the business world. After earning his Diplom degree in industrial engineering at Technische Hochschule Karlsruhe (now the Karlsruher Institute of Technology) in 1989, Sulovsky got his start as a trainee in international corporate consulting at the then up-and-coming SAP AG. He took on responsibility at the quickly growing company not only as a production logistics consultant, but also as a program manager in major projects for global corporations.

The best way to turn your own ideas into reality, however, is to become an entrepreneur, which is why Sulovsky founded cbs along with his SAP colleague Tarek Kramer in 1995. They then developed their own project methodology, M-cbs, to help industrial companies achieve success more quickly in their global SAP projects through a focus on business processes. As the company’s own evolution indicates, the plan was a solid one.

The constant growth cbs has undergone for more than 20 years proves that Harald Sulovsky’s talents lie not only in advising industrial companies around the world, but in shaping the strategies and operations of his own organization, as well.

Meanwhile, the married father of three children (now adults) enjoys traveling to far-off places like Brazil, South Africa, and Malaysia and exploring his interest in history. Sulovsky also likes every type of outdoor activity, especially skiing and sailing.

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