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Streamlined Drop-Off Solution for Efficient Shipping with cbs Application

Companies may use third-party providers for delivery for a variety of reasons and one of the main benefits of using a third-party provider is that it allows companies to focus on their core business activities while leaving the logistics and delivery to the experts. This can result in cost savings for the company since they do not have to invest in their own logistics and delivery infrastructure. In addition, third-party providers may be able to offer specialized services that a company cannot provide on its own, such as international shipping or specialized delivery options.


While outsourcing your delivery might come with various benefits, it also has its own set of challenges such as quality control, dependability, and communication. To manage these challenges, companies can use a variety of strategies, such as negotiating clear service level agreements (SLAs) with the provider, conducting regular quality checks, and maintaining open lines of communication. 

cbs Drop-Off Solution: Managing Common Challenges with Third-Party Delivery Providers 

Imagine you’re running a business and you need to deliver packages to customers across the city. You’ve engaged multiple third-party delivery providers to handle this task, but you’re concerned about how to manage the process and ensure that everything goes smoothly. That’s where our drop-off solution comes in. 


With our innovative app, you can generate a one-time link that can be printed as a QR code on the shipping document. When the courier arrives to make the delivery, they simply scan the code and the app becomes available, even if they’re not affiliated with your organization. This allows for seamless integration with any delivery provider, without the need for complex IT systems or integrations. 


Once the delivery is made, the courier confirms the item has been delivered with a signature from the customer. If the customer is not present, the delivery can still be documented and confirmed using GPS coordinates and pictures. The beauty of our app is that the status is constantly updated in real-time at any stage of the delivery, providing complete visibility and transparency throughout the process. 


This drop-off solution is perfect for any business that needs to manage multiple third-party delivery providers. With our app, you can ensure that every delivery is completed on time and in good condition, while maintaining complete control and oversight of the process. Plus, the real-time updates and confirmation features provide peace of mind and ensure that your customers are always satisfied with their delivery experience. 


If you would like to learn more about our cbs Drop-off solution, speak with us today and our consultant can do a short demonstration to show how you can resolve the burden of managing third-party delivery providers. 

Bastian Schiele
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