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RISE With SAP Versus S/4HANA : Key Points Of Difference

Most people believe that SAP’s latest offering, RISE With SAP, is another product. The reality is that it is not. Others believe RISE with SAP is a SaaS tool, just like many other SAP offerings.  

Once again, if you go by SAP’s textbook and what its CEO, Christian Klein, says, RISE with SAP is not just a SaaS product.  

So, what is it then? 

Klein says that RISE with SAP is a BTaaS (Business Transformation as a Service) process. It seeks to combine three core components- IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service, and PaaS (Platform as a Service).  

In very simple terms, RISE with SAP helps businesses shift or move their existing (outdated) ERP systems and functionalities to the ‘Cloud’. It seeks to do so by allowing firms to retain and work with an infrastructure provider of their choice (Azure, GCP, or AWS) (On Private Cloud Edition) 

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is an ERP software that is powered by the cloud and driven by data and analytics (Artificial Intelligence helps).  

You are wrong if you had previously thought that RISE with SAP was just a newer or more modern version of SAP’s winning S/4HANA Cloud. It is that and much more. 


Rise with SAP: The Real Digital Transformation Process for Businesses 

Businesses have benefited from different SAP products licensed and offered on a subscription model for years.  

With RISE with SAP, SAP realised that giving businesses a single, unified, and comprehensive transformational set of tools, products, and software that can help them with digital transformation is essential.  

The ‘One Offer, One Contract’ policy means you pay a single subscription fee for multiple products that are all included under a single RISE with SAP umbrella.  

There are five important elements that SAP has put together to create a holistic package for digital transformation (BTaaS)-  

  1. Business Process Intelligence– This allows a business to be agile, flexible, and take quick business decisions. You can also automate aspects of your business. SAP’s acquisition of Signavio and the adoption of their process have made this part easier.  
  2. Technical Tools and Services– Migrating to SAP or any of its products from existing software might get complicated. You end up removing impediments. This is why SAP helps with embedded tools and services that can help ease the migration process.  
  3. S/4HANA ERP Cloud Systems– This is the heart of RISE with SAP. S/4HANA allows you to monitor, access, and control your business processes from any part of the world. It integrates AI, data analytics, and other technologies to deliver accuracy.  
  4. Business Technology Platform– You can build various applications, processes, and programs for your business using RISE with SAP’s Business Technology Platform. You get database management, analytics, app development and other intelligent solutions.  
  5. Business Network Starter Pack– Businesses constantly coordinate with multiple stakeholders like suppliers, distributors, vendors, etc. RISE with SAP NSP ties up with S/4HANA to help optimise processes and deliver efficient businesses.  


SAP S/4HANA Public and Private Cloud Edition: The Soul of RISE with SAP 

Large businesses that manage tons of inventory and have stretched processes concerning retailers, distributors, producers, and markets use ERP solutions to help them optimise different programs.  

As far as the best ERP systems are concerned, S/4HANA is considered an industry leader. In fact, it powers thousands of large enterprises and allows them to improve efficiency and boost productivity across all their verticals.  

New business models require greater agility and flexibility. SAP’s S/4HANA can do that in three major ways-  

  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • Real-Time Data Analytics and Insights 
  • Cloud Hosting, Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity 

If you are using the Private Cloud Edition, you can choose an infrastructure provider.  

Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s AWS, and Google’s GCP are the three partners SAP has tied up with for RISE with SAP.  

S/4 HANA is ready for applications in specific industries and business niches. This can help you with the top-line, bottom-line, and green line. If you don’t want to use them, you can always count on SAP’s very own data centres to help you.  

Think of the number of different verticals a business usually has- R&D, Finance, Procurement, Sales, Service & Support, Supply Chains, Manufacturing, Asset Management, etc.  

SAP S/4HANA seamlessly integrates into all the processes as it has different and dedicated modules for optimising the performance of each one.  

You can choose to run and deploy S/4HANA on both Public and Private Cloud options. You get the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the public cloud deployment.  

However, you get more flexibility with the private cloud and can carry over your existing business process.  


RISE with SAP and S/4HANA Cloud: Are they the same? 

Anyone remotely familiar with SAP and its products will tell you they are not.  

There is no connection between them, apart from the fact that S/4HANA is part of the RISE with SAP offering.  

However, the confusion regarding this issue has been primarily borne by the fact that many have commented that RISE with SAP is nothing new but just S/4HANA bunched together with some other SAP products and services.  

We need to understand that if taken in an isolated capacity, every SAP product helps achieve an important purpose for a business. However, maintaining and paying a subscription fee for so many different entities is not something every business would be comfortable doing.  

SAP figured that their push to the cloud (they have been one of the last entrants) could be made possible by creating an ecosystem that can successfully engineer digital transformation for businesses. This is the way forward, and nothing else can be a substitute for this.  

The Final Word 

A single offering that runs on a single contract and can be tailor-made to fit the needs and flexibility of a business organisation is the driving force behind RISE with SAP. S/4HANA continues to be the heart and soul of the entire purpose.  

However, the addition of others like SAP’s technology platforms, embedded tools for migration, network starter pack, and intelligent processes makes it a robust policy for change and transformation.  

Please get in touch with us today if you would like us to assist you with your company’s digital transformation. If you are looking for specialised SAP solutions or want to start with RISE with SAP, visit us at www.cbs-consulting.com/apac. 

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