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Digital Solutions to Streamline Operations and Eliminate Manual Processes with 3rd Party Logistic Partners

Tesa, a multinational adhesive tape manufacturer, partners with logistics companies worldwide to achieve global distribution, optimise its supply chain, ensure cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and scalability, and remain competitive in the long run.


While managing logistic partners all over the world, Tesa realise that 20% of their logistic partners were unable to integrate seamlessly into Tesa’s system and had to use manual processes for its integration such as using excel and email for communications.


To resolve this problem and eliminate all manual processes when working with logistics partners, Tesa and cbs implemented web EDI warehouse and transport applications to enhance efficiency, visibility, and collaboration between the company and its third-party logistics partner. These applications streamline processes, reduce errors, cut costs, and ultimately contribute to improved customer satisfaction and business growth.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP): Warehouse App

Imagine you have a special app for your 3rd party warehouses called the Web EDI Warehouse app. This app helps the warehouse people keep track of things coming in and going out to customers. Think of it like a to-do list for stuff going in and out.


When things come in from suppliers, the warehouse folks can use the app to confirm that they received everything correctly. They can also enter details like how many of each thing they got and when those things were made. This information can be sent back to Tesa main ERP system (like a big brain) for monitoring, tracking and analytics.


The app is smart – it can handle different types of things, even those that come in groups called batches. It also knows how to split those batches if needed.


Now, when things need to go out to customers, the app helps the warehouse people again. It lets them confirm that they picked the right stuff to send. It’s like checking off items from a shopping list. They can even use the app to say how they’re packing the stuff, like putting it in boxes. They can enter details about the boxes, like what type they are and their size.


The app also knows how to use special files (like digital pieces of paper) called CSV files. This way, the warehouse people can download and upload information easily. It’s like sharing files between friends.

So, in simple words, the Web EDI Warehouse app helps warehouse people keep track of things that come in and go out. It’s like a smart to-do list that makes sure everything is handled smoothly and accurately.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP): Transport App

The Transport App and Warehouse App are like two helpful tools used by different teams in the 3rd party logistic company. The Warehouse App helps people in the warehouse keep track of things coming in and going out. The Transport App is used by the people who take care of sending these things to customers. It helps them manage the journeys of the stuff being sent.


The Transport App is like a special tool used for shipping things. This app is used by the people responsible for making sure items are sent safely to customers. Think of it as a travel planner, but for packages.


When the shipping team uses the app, it shows all the important details about the packages they need to send. This includes things like where the packages should be delivered and when the places are open to receive them. The most important thing it shows is how to load the packages onto the delivery trucks properly. It’s like a guide that helps you solve a puzzle by putting all the pieces in the right places.


The app lets the shipping team update the travel status of the packages. This information goes to Tesa ERP system too. They can mark a package as picked up, which means it’s on its way. They can also mark it as delivered, letting everyone know it reached its destination. If there’s a delay, they can mark it as delayed, so everyone understands what’s going on. This helps everyone keep track of the packages better.


The app has different ways to sort and organise the packages, like using filters. It’s like having different categories to organise your things at home.

In simple words, the Transport App is like a travel planner for packages. It helps the people taking care of sending things make sure everything happens smoothly and safely.

In summary

Tesa employs a Warehouse App to streamline their global 3rd party logistic partnerships. This app efficiently tracks incoming and outgoing goods, removing manual data entry. For instance, when goods arrive, the app lets Tesa’s team confirm receipt, record batch details, and update SAP systems seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual paperwork.


Additionally, Tesa benefits from a Transport App that aids their logistics partners in managing shipments. This app offers crucial information such as delivery addresses, loading instructions, and real-time status updates. By digitising these processes, Tesa eliminates the manual effort required for coordinating shipments and ensures smoother collaboration with their 3rd party partners on a global scale.

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