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Architecture & Cloud Consulting


The Cloud as Part of Your Process and System Architecture

We offer architecture and strategy consulting for integrating cloud services into complex SAP system architectures. We also provide specific cloud solutions. Whether on-premise, fully managed, or hybrid, we ask the right questions and find the correct answers and solutions.

With in-depth process knowledge and technological expertise, we help you integrate hybrid cloud scenarios into your SAP process and system landscape.

Cloud Solutions

When we talk about the cloud, we are talking about more than the purely technical provision of resources (hosting/housing) or applications. As solution providers, we combine standard solutions with custom cloud offerings for specific business processes (cbs cloud process solutions) in hybrid scenarios. Also, we provide comprehensive consulting, managed services, and support.

cbs Cloud Process Solutions

cbs E-Invoice World Cloud

Accelerate your global SAP rollouts and opt for a hybrid cloud solution to process and control your e-invoicing processes.

SAP GTS as a service

By outsourcing your foreign trade processes to our cloud platform, you cover all the bases when it comes to sanctioned party list screening and customs processing.

SAP Integration as a service

We run and monitor your interface landscape on the SAP PI/PO solution, reducing the scope, heterogeneity, and cost of your SAP and non-SAP interfaces.

Architecture Consulting

cbs helps you plan your digital target architecture for 2025+ based on SAP and new solution worlds with strategic foresight but without losing practical feasibility.

Your IT landscape needs to be as closely aligned as possible with your company’s goals, business processes, and organisational structure. Only those with a highly efficient IT infrastructure can achieve notable growth in today’s fast-paced global markets. Requirements are changing at a dynamic rate, presenting companies with significant challenges in evolving their IT architecture: What role will Big Data play? When does it make sense to use cloud solutions? What can you do about a technically heterogeneous landscape? And how can you establish short innovation cycles while realising a rapid return on investment?

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Specialist Article E-3 Magazine: Navigator in the Cloud

The topic of cloud computing continues to gain importance. But which cloud solution is right for your company? Before user companies outsource IT platforms and services, they need to analyse their systems, processes, and requirements in detail. This specialist article shows you the best way to proceed.[/dhsv_vc_download_section]


For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

cbs Corporate Business Solutions Asia-Pacific

Contact: cbs Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Email: sg-office@cbs-stag.de

Contact: cbs Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Email: my-office@cbs-stag.de