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The Consultant of the Global Market Leaders


cbs is a development and growth platform. It is designed and made by consultants for consultants.

This is where people develop who enjoy designing digital business processes for globally active industrial companies using state-of-the-art technologies. This is where consultants grow who share a common goal: to create sustainable solutions for global process landscapes.

Our customers love working with us. They appreciate the specific cbs spirit. They recognize that we don‘t just handle projects, but want to change things and make lasting improvements for our customers. We want to reinforce this reputation as the best and most reliable consultancy every day.

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What unites us at cbs is a passion for digital business
processes and global solutions.

Rainer Wittwen


Vision 2025

Global market leader for global market leaders

In 2025, cbs is the world‘s leading consultancy, preferentially advising innovative, agile, high-growth and world-leading industrial companies on creating their digital and global end-to-end business process solutions comprehensively and worldwide.

With 1 000 consultants, the cbs group will achieve a turnover of a quarter of a billion US dollars in 2025.

cbs is represented worldwide in all relevant regions with local and independent offices and is able to deliver globally for every customer.

We will achieve Vision 2025 primarily through organic growth. We are accelerating our growth in specific business areas and regions through targeted acquisitions.

The cbs organization is complemented by a resilient and functional global partner network worldwide.

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permanent consultants

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organic sales growth p.a.

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We create enterprise-wide, harmonized, integrated and digitized end-to-end business process solutions for large industrial companies:

  • across all divisions
  • for the entire, globally operating company organization
  • agil aber methodisch, in kürzester Zeit mit höchster Qualität
  • on-premise, in the cloud or mostly in hybrid technology environments

We support our customers at all management levels and throughout all phases of a project:

  • from the CEO to the key user
  • starting from the corporate strategy via the project idea up to the productive implementation
  • furthermore in the maintenance and optimization of a
    sustainable business process solution

Download Brochure: Vision, Mission und Leitlinien

Learn more about Vision 2025 and the path to get there, cbs as a management consultant and employer and our responsibility for society and the environment.

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