Nasser Sigari

Senior Practice Director, ERP

Area of Responsibility: ERP

Nasser started during his college years with process analysis projects and soon thereafter started working on with SAP R/2 and R/3. After graduating from Göttingen University in Niedersachsen, Nasser became an SD consultant. Over the next years, he extended his knowledge in the CS and CRM area.

Being on the customer side of IT for almost 10 years, Nasser led a global Business Applications organization, building a strong team for covering all project activities and support for all business relevant applications.

In 2016, Nasser joined cbs in Munich, where he was tasked with leading the logistics team. After a few years in project management, he relocated to the US to build up the ERP Business Unit. In just a short few months, the ERP BU covering North America has grown significantly (in both revenue and headcount) to cover cbs’ broad portfolio and deliver for our US customers.

In his spare time, Nasser enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family in New Jersey.

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