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Cloud Partners


Bring ‘Cloud-first’ innovation as the enabler of the S/4HANA journey

Moving SAP to cloud ecosystem enables digital business innovations with a ‘Cloud-first’ strategy, a quick and innovative approach for your business solution. Hyperscaler‘s intelligent Cloud creates new business cases combined with a Lean & Clean methodology for your SAP ERP core.

Deploying and implementing SAP solutions on a secure, scalable, and business-proven cloud platform will accelerate performance, productivity, and innovation for your business environment. With cbs, your business will reduce data volume selectively with our near-zero downtime method bespoke to your business needs.

Activating digital business innovations with ‘Cloud-first’ strategy

The SAP ERP core, Business Technology Platform and cloud ecosystem are all interchangeable. With the partnership with Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), cbs has created solutions for businesses to accelerate cloud adoption even before switching to S/4HANA.

Companies can now establish innovations for cloud applications as part of the digital journey across the value chain. Business Technology Platform can be built quickly as a strategic development platform from SAP for digitising SAP end-to-end processes, embracing digital innovation towards intelligent cloud applications.

‘Cloud-first’ can help realise overall business benefits, activating digital business innovations first, putting S/4HANA transition second. This would help reduce the stress curve and complexity of the final S/4HANA transition.

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Innovation-led step-by-step roadmap for SAP on Intelligent Clouds

An end-to-end business model with Intelligent Clouds through Apps

Integrating SAP ERP core with hyperscalers through Apps in the cloud environment establishes a future-proof and secured investment for your business environment. This end-to-end integration generates cost-effectiveness, accelerating performance, productivity, and innovation.

Create a secure and scalable business integration through the Business Technology Platform now.

Example of Apps developed by cbs

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”20739″]The Serial number entry app is used to enter the installed components of a piece of equipment (e.g. a vehicle). This ensures complete documentation of the specific configuration and the installed components.


Using the batch mode, components with a QR code can be captured in any order, one after the other – without direct interaction with the app. This significantly simplifies handling in production lines.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”20760″]The App Checklist ensures the implementation of quality assurance activities and controls in production. Depending on the product type, the inspection tasks and controls are displayed to the operator in the app.


Both quantitative and qualitative inspection characteristics can be evaluated in the app.


The step-by-step mode guides the untrained worker through the individual tasks. Optionally, the evaluation can be carried out using comparison screens.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”20752″]The Rework Management app provides a clear display and scheduling of rework. All orders for which reworking is necessary are displayed here. Information such as prioritization, part availability and planned time are displayed at a glance.


The available capacity of the individual workplaces is visible at a glance and can be planned accordingly.
With graphic scheduling, capacities can be optimally utilised.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”20748″]The solution is fully based on the standard equipment in SAP. With this solution it is easy to find, identify and display details from equipment. ​


To identify a piece of equipment simply photograph the type plate. An image recognition service from Google extracts the serial number – no manual input is necessary. This provides the user with all relevant data, e.g. configuration of the machine, history, etc.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]

[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”20744″]The Drop-off offers functionality for the delivery of the equipment (e.g. vehicles) on construction sites. This app is also for carriers without authorizations, simply verifying via one-time Link to confirm the delivery, optional with signature, GPS coordinates and pictures.​[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]
[dhsv_vc_icon_block icon=”20756″]The BLE Beacon Apps allows detecting and pairing of Bluetooth (low-energy) beacons with Fiori Apps. The apps are non-native web apps and are running on any modern device.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block]
  • Material Measurement Management
  • Andon-Board
  • Automated Assembly Stage Tracking
  • Others

Presenting the core cloud advantages with cbs

With strong Microsoft Azure and SAP competencies, cbs’ technical and functional consultants can manage your technology integration and build innovative business processes. With over 300 international customers and over 2,000 projects experience, cbs offer add-ons through industry-related consulting expertise to improve and consolidate the SAP system landscape in a fast, secure, and flexible way.

With Business Technology Platform, cbs develops your business case with a robust, step-by-step roadmap for moving to S/4HANA on Azure to enable continuous innovation.

As one of the founding members of SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement, cbs is part of the global expert community for SAP System Landscape Optimization (SLO). Together with SAP, cbs establishes common standards, methods and processes to provide customers with a reliable and proven migration approach to SAP S/4HANA.

While moving the infrastructure to a hyperscaler, we enhance SAP end-to-end business processes, embracing innovative cloud technology, and transform ECC to S/4HANA

Holger Bock

Managing Director cbs Asia Pacific
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