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Our spirit

We are united by a passion for digital business processes and global solutions


Our clients appreciate the cbs spirit and recognise that we don’t just handle projects, but change things and improve them sustainably. We want to prove this reputation as one of the best and most reliable consultancies every day.

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Together with us for our clients, we plan projects worldwide, approach them methodically and complete them safely, in the shortest possible time and with the best possible added value for the client. In doing so, cbs’ customers know that “cbs” stands for reliability.[/dhsv_vc_icon_block][dhsv_vc_icon_block type=”counter”]Customer orientation

We act with the client in mind and make the client’s project goals our goals. The short-term achievement of our own economic goals is not in the foreground. We achieve our economic goals through convincing performance, professional action and fair dealings with our clients.

[dhsv_vc_icon_block type=”counter”]Market orientation

The consultants of cbs know the trends, requirements and current challenges of globally operating industrial companies. In a dynamic market environment, cbs consultants regularly scrutinise their consulting and solution portfolio. They recognise market opportunities, design new solutions and offer them on the market.

[/dhsv_vc_icon_block][dhsv_vc_icon_block type=”counter”]Solution orientation

cbs creates sustainable business process solutions. We harmonise the design of the solution with the company organisation and enable our customers to work with their solution in the long term as well as to continuously implement change requirements.



cbs consultants have a very deep and broad business process and technology knowledge. They approach their tasks in a goal-oriented and methodical manner.

That is why we achieve our clients’ project goals exceptionally reliably and with comparatively little effort.

Unsere Haltung

Together with and for our customers, we plan worldwide projects, approach them methodically and complete them safely, in the shortest possible time and with the best possible added value for the customer. At the same time, cbs customers know that “cbs” stands for reliability.

cbs provides holistic advice on how to build, integrate and implement future-oriented hybrid system landscapes. The technology competence of cbs forms the basis for implementing digital end-to-end business processes in a modern and agile way.

Digital end-to-end business process solutions are realised on the basis of real existing technologies and applications from market-relevant software providers. To this end, the cbs consultants have in-depth application know-how in the relevant products and solutions.

No one outside the development departments of SAP SE knows more about the functionality, technology and applicability of the market-relevant SAP products than the consultants of cbs. We also make this claim for every market-relevant software product with which we supplement our core consulting portfolio over time.

All cbs employees approach their personal tasks in a structured, professional and methodical manner.

Our methodological competence as consultants is unique. It is based on the common methodology M-cbs. the cbs consultants stringently apply this methodology and its project-type-specific characteristics, align it with the client’s problem and continuously develop it together.

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Vision, mission and guidelines

Learn more about the Vision 2025 and the way to get there, cbs as a management consultant and employer and our responsibility for society and the environment.

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