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Digital transformation for your logistics

myleo / dsc


Your Digital Supply Chain

myleo / dsc is a unique platform for site and transport logistics. Using real-time data, the cloud software simplifies plant, supply and transport management in a single user-centric Process-as-a-Service solution. It connects producers, suppliers, warehouses, freight forwarders, and stores, creating a holistic supply chain network. myleo / dsc is a product of leoquantum GmbH.

The myleo / dsc connects logistical objects with process and business data and creates maximum transparency in your supply chain

Supplier Management
Seamlessly integrate your suppliers into your supply management in the form of digital notifications.

Dock & Yard Management
Digitalize site processes such as loading and unloading and manage them in real time.

Carrier Collaboration
Collaborate directly with carriers based on all transportation-relevant information.

Real-Time Transportation Visibility
Create transparency with business process data, traffic data and transportation information.

Empties Management
Digitally record your loading equipment and exchange activities with your partners in container accounts.

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Collaboration made easy – include all process players of your supply chain in real-time.

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Integration ERP / WMS / TMS

Seamless integration of document and transaction data from supporting IT systems.

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Save Time

Only takes a few hours to start with the first processes.

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Manage and control access rights of external service providers for secure communication flow.

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Real-time Control

Flexibility to make ad-hoc adjustments at any time.

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Available Everywhere

Compatible with all devices – use our solutions anywhere, any time.