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Career entry as a trainee


Start your career with the SAP trainee programme at cbs

Gain deep insights, gather practical experience, generate expert knowledge – cbs quickly offers trainees a wide range of opportunities. Every year since 1999, we have been preparing our junior staff for a career in SAP business or SAP technology consulting in SAP trainee programmes lasting several months.

With the cbs trainee programme you start directly into your future with a permanent employment contract and an attractive salary. We will turn you into an SAP specialist in just four months and together we will pave the way for a career in SAP management consulting. You will benefit from exclusive pioneering knowledge of the latest SAP software generation and technology know-how from innovative cbs customer projects. You should make the most of this unique competitive edge in the SAP market.

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Maximilian Thür, Manager in the Financials division (trainee class of 2016), explains in the video the process and content of the trainee programme and why it is worth joining cbs as a trainee.

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You will receive a tailor-made induction that will prepare you perfectly for your future activities as an SAP consultant.

You will be supported by an experienced mentor as well as senior consultants and managers.

During the trainee programme, you will attend internal and external training courses and receive SAP certifications from the SAP Academy.

  • Practice-oriented through English-language case study

Development of a practice-oriented case study (in English) in which a fictitious customer project is implemented in a software-based training environment. The result is presented to the management and mentors at the end of the programme.

  • Recognised certifications at the SAP Academy

Consolidation of module knowledge in the qualification phase with SAP certification in the desired language.

  • Permanent employment contract with attractive salary

You have the opportunity to specialise in one of the ten subject areas:

  • Finance & Controlling
  • Supply Chain Management (options: Product Life Cycle Management, Master Data Management, Production Planning, Procurement Logistics, Warehouse Logistics, Production Logistics, Distribution Logistics or Service/Maintenance) as well as GTS (Foreign Trade Logistics)
  • System Landscape Transformation (implementation of organisational changes, consolidation of system landscapes and implementation of new business processes)
  • Business Intelligence (Business Analytics)
  • Technologie: Business Integration Technology, Business Application Technology, Cloud Platform
  • Authorisation (design and implementation of security concepts)
  • Human Capital Management
  • Project Management (PMO)
  • Salesforce

Your drive is needed:

  • Have you successfully completed your Master’s degree or diploma in industrial engineering, information technology, science or natural sciences?
  • Have you also gained some practical experience, for example through internships or student traineeships?
  • You have a good command of English and were ideally able to consolidate this during a stay abroad?
  • Do you enjoy learning new things and radiate enthusiasm?
  • Are you communicative, a team player and do you feel like travelling?

Then you are the right candidate for the trainee programme at cbs!

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  • The spring trainee programme starts on 01.04.
  • The autumn trainee programme starts on 01.10.
  • It lasts 4 months.
  • Between 15-20 trainees start each time.

So don’t wait too long to apply!

Step 1:

Send online application (do not forget certificates and CV)

Step 2:

If we are impressed by your profile, we would like to find out more about you in a 30-minute telephone or video interview.

Step 3:

Have you successfully completed the telephone interview? Then you can look forward to a personal interview with the colleague / supervisor from the department.

Step 4:

After the talks you will receive feedback from us!

The trainee programme takes place for four months centrally at the headquarters in Heidelberg or partly at the SAP Academy in Walldorf.

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Trainee Podcast with Mayra


As a former trainee, she reports on who the cbs trainee programme is suitable for and what advantages it offers. It’s worth listening in!

Trainee Hot Jobs

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Your contact person

Do you have any questions? Just contact us directly:

Steffen Schaaf

Lead Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Phone: +49 6221 3304-0

Email: application.emea@cbs-stag.de

Kununu Top Company Auszeichnung

SAP career with a TOP employer

Find out first-hand what it’s like to work at cbs and read the reviews


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Trendence Faires Traineeprogramm

Perfect start for her SAP career.

“Fair & career-promoting” – the cbs trainee programme was awarded by Absolventa.


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Die Initiative “Fair Company”

We offer young academics fair opportunities and a challenging working environment.


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SAP Gold Partner Logo

SAP Goldpartner

cbs is a Gold Partner of SAP SE. cbs maintains close operational proximity to SAP and close cooperation with the individual areas of SAP product development.


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