Henning Krug

Member of the Executive Board, Consulting Director

Globalization, Logistics Consulting, Competence Center Management

Head of cbs Dortmund

Henning Krug joined cbs Heidelberg as a trainee in 2007 after completing his Master’s degree in International Business in Maastricht (Netherlands). After successfully completing the trainee program, he moved to Dortmund, where he is now site manager.

Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved in globalization projects in South America, India and Russia, both as a consultant and as a project manager. Today, he is head of the ERP business unit, responsible for S/4 projects, but also continues to be involved in globalization projects. He is still actively involved in S/4 projects himself, both during the initial set-up and throughout the entire project phase. Internally, Krug is responsible for Competence Center Management.

Born in 1982, the family father has 3 children and enjoys active vacations with caravans, where he goes canoeing, biking and hiking with his family.

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