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Why System Landscape Transformation (SLT) might be right for you

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In cbs Asia Pacific, we focus on growing our SAP migration practice by looking for those within the SAP world with the curiosity to understand how things work under the hood. If you still don’t know if SAP consulting is right for you, look at our blog on “5 Common Misconceptions of SAP consulting”. If consulting life interests you, this could be the opportunity for you.


Everyone keeps talking about Business Transformation as if it’s some magical unicorn every CIO wants to achieve. The term has been wildly overused and can mean different things to different organisations. It may mean adopting new business models to stay relevant, digitising business processes to enter the 21st century. Sometimes, it may mean doing a simple lift-and-shift into the cloud. The point is all of these are wildly different scenarios.


Why are we bringing this up? Here at cbs, we have an entire team of specialists dedicated to System Landscape Transformation (SLT). This is the team that enables us to perform complex SAP migration projects, which typically lead (in one way or another) to successful business transformation. SAP has its Data Management and Landscape Transformation (SAP DMLT) business unit, cbs has SLT. It is where SAP DMLT (formerly SAP SLO) and cbs SLT came to be. These different migration services originated from a significant customer need in the mergers and acquisitions space. As IT became a more business-critical component for organisations through the ‘90s, splitting up a system during an M&A became quite messy. Fast forward to the present day and the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, we now have a wide range of business scenarios that would fall under the purview of our SLT practice.

Business Transformation Scenarios in SLT

Exciting and innovative projects

The coolest part of joining the SLT team is the type of projects you will be a part of. Selective Data Transition for SAP S/4HANA is the hottest topic in the market. So many SAP customers continue to struggle with the decision to move to SAP S/4HANA. A greenfield implementation is typically seen as too costly and complex, while a brownfield conversion brings lower business value and ROI. Selective Data Transition fixes this challenge by delivering a hybrid approach that is more flexible and tailored to each customer. You can read more about SDT here.


This is just one piece of a giant puzzle, however. In our opinion, M&A projects are the most unique. Consistently high stakes, always a race against the clock, and you could potentially work on 3-4 different projects over the year. Check out this blog post on the topic of SAP Carve-Outs.


Get in touch!

We won’t bore you with describing all the different scenarios. We want to clarify that not every consulting company can do what cbs does. We have proprietary software that has been proven over the past two decades in various projects. We work in global teams and will invest in building a sense of community amongst our consultants.

Please find out more about our career opportunity here.


PS: Our working opportunity includes both professionals and graduates and is happening across the entire cbs organisation. We’re looking for talented SAP professionals with a knack for solving problems and joining a fast-growing team. If you’re in Europe or US, we would be happy to connect you with the recruiter so you can get in touch.

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